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    Default I am a new board member. I r

    I am a new board member. I recently purchased a fish boat with a 1990 Evinrude 90 hp. I don't believe the thermostats have ever been replaced. I would like to replace them. The task appears daunting because of the close relationship of the thermostat housing to the lower engine cowling. Should this be a concern ? or am I getting worked up over nothing ? I feel very fortunate to have found this board. The things I have already learned are immeasurablle. Thanks for your help.

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    Default "Hey George..thermostats repla

    "Hey George..thermostats replacement is a job..! Requires pulling the power-head, and loosining the belly pan so it can be moved back out of the way...A good check for engine temp is this....Running in warm or cold water, try this..after a good run, stop the engine, and place your hand on one head at a time...will be warm,but not hot to the touch...should be able to keep your hand on the head...If to hot, thermos are stuck partly closed cutting down circulation, if slightly warm to cool, then thermos not working at all..Temp should be close to the same on both heads.....Tom"

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    Default Manual states that tstats shou

    Manual states that tstats should be serviced when powerhead is removed from adapter. It does not state that it is necessary to remove the powerhead. It is very confusing.

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