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    Default "I.ve got a 1996 carbureted 15

    "I.ve got a 1996 carbureted 150 johnson that seems to have an overoiling problem. If used everyday, it starts fine and runs fine. After sitting for a couple of weeks it becomes hard to start and puts out a terrific amount of smoke for the first few minutes. I;ve pulled the fuel line when having the starting problem and there seems to be heavy oil in the line. I've swithched out the VRO unit between the two motors and the problem moved from one motor to the next. The manual shows teardown of the VRO unit, but my catalogs don't show any spare parts. Is this repairable or do I have to change out the whole unit? The motor runs fine once it's started until it sits for a few days."

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    Default Repair kits are available for

    Repair kits are available for the VRO units. Look them up on the BRP web site or push the dealer for the info.

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