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    Sep 2007
    woodland, ca, usa

    Default I recently purchased a 1987 se

    I recently purchased a 1987 seaswirl with a omc cobra sterndrive (4.3 engine). The boat takes on quite a bit of water. I tilted the boat up in front and filled the area under the engine with water to try and find the leak. It leaks out a pretty good stream between the bottom of the stern drive mount and the boats transom. IT runs down the transom. I doesnt seem to be coming from the boots. It hard to tell exaxctly where it is coming from but I assume it is between the stern drive mount and the transom. I assume there is a gasket of some kind betwen the mount and transom. How hard it it to remove the transom mount. Do I have to remove the engine?

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default "Drive off, engine out is the

    "Drive off, engine out is the only way to go.
    I would eithr suspect a rotten transom or that the plate between the two lower studs was not installed at factory, only washer and nuts."

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    Aug 2007

    Default "Hi Morten, Further to your re

    "Hi Morten, Further to your reply above, what is that plate on the bottom 2 studs actually for? I noticed it on my boat but couldnt really see what it did!!"

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    Apr 2006
    , Langkawi, Malaysia

    Default I have noticed on a few occais

    I have noticed on a few occaisions that when that plate have been missing the washers have cut through the glass-fiber and the torque pressure have been lost. That far down on the transom close to the bottom it is not allways 'straight' and as the transom gets 'watery' it gets soft. The plate protects the transom and spreads out the load on a bigger surface than the washers.

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