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    Default "Hello All I just bought a 2.

    "Hello All
    I just bought a 2.5 Evinrude that came with a small seperate tank. I get a small leak of gas from the end of the hose that attaches to the motor (when it is not attached). Is there a way to make it stop? Is there a replaceable O ring, and if so is it easy to replace. If not, do I replace the entire hose or ? Hate to get gas in my trunk. Thanks I love the Forum Bassman99"

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    Default get a new adapter sounds like

    get a new adapter
    sounds like a bad fitting from tank



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    Default Replace the o-ring --- simple

    Replace the o-ring --- simple to do.

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    Default "Thanks, can you give me a bri

    "Thanks, can you give me a brief description on how to replace the O-ring. Do I push in the pin with something like a golf tee and the pull the old ring out, and same to replace? Is the o-ring a special material that can with stand the gas? Do I but it from a marine dealer, or a hardware store? Thanks Tom"

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