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    Default thanks joe one more for you m

    thanks joe one more for you my water pressure guage does not work when i pull the hose loose i get no water so water does not enter the hose to the guage thanks gary


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    Default " I really never cared for the

    " I really never cared for the water pressure gauge setup, but of course that's just my opinion. However I answered you reply that you posted in a previous post.... a duplicate of which is posted here.

    Gary.... As I mentioned, the water pressure goes to the powerhead first, and foremost it goes to the exhaust baffle manifold cooling area (the wide plate between the cyl heads) if it's a crossflow engine. The water telltale outlet hose (where the water pressure gauge should be spliced into) should be located at the lower starboard (right) corner of that plate..... if this is a crossflow type V/4 140. Refresh my memory as to what year this 140hp is.

    At any rate... if you have no water coming out that fitting where the water gauge is connected, and you're sure the water pump is okay, I would venture a guess that the connector at the block is clogged with salt, sand, something. Remove the hose and blow the fitting out with pressurized air.

    Joe "
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