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Thread: Carb Tilt Plate

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    Default I am repowering a 1968 Luhrs

    I am repowering a 1968 Luhrs with twin Crusader 270's but I am switching them from conventional to V-Drive. My problem is the carbs are tilted in the wrong direction. Does anyone know where I can find a Tilt/Shim plate opposite of the ones I have?

    I dont want to have a float problem later on.


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    Default "Interesting change. What is

    "Interesting change. What is stopping you from rotating the plate 180 degrees and rerouting the throttle cable mount connection? The exhaust manifolds ar being turned also. I'd contact http://ebasicpower.com/ if you don't get a better answer her and ask them."

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    Default Mike if using a v-drive the m

    Mike if using a v-drive the motor sits very close to level and will not need a wedge plate. I have a 1976 Luhrs set up this way and have had others in the past with same.

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