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    Default " Joe I read in one of your pr

    " Joe I read in one of your previous posts concerning an 85 hp evinrude that you changed the size of the slow speed idle jets to eliminate or at least help with an idle problem.
    I have a 78 model 85hp Javelin that has always had a stutter at idle as well even tho compression and plugs etc have always been monitered and serviced,would you recommend doing this to my engine as well?? do they run the same jets? "

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    Default "If the carburetors are absolu

    "If the carburetors are absolutely clean and nothing else will straighten out the idle, that would be the route I'd take.

    However, before drilling out those jets, I'd check to see if the original jets can be purchased at whetever location you're at just in case.

    The jets in that engine should be OMC part number 323003 which have a inside diameter of .025. The number 25 would be marked on the jet itself.

    If your jets are indeed .025, I'd try enlarging them to .027, just a couple thousands.

    Our questions require answers. If you refuse to answer our questions, how can we answer yours?

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    Default " Thanks Joe I do appreciate y

    " Thanks Joe I do appreciate your help, I'll do a little more exploring with the jets before i do anything, not that the stutter at idle really bothers me but being an automotive mechanic for 25 years , spe******ing in Auto transmissions, i would like to make it idle perfect, Regards Brian "

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