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    Default " Hello.. I just aquired a 75

    " Hello.. I just aquired a 75 Johnson 70 hp, I think the previous owner had no clue.. anyways.. the wire lenths on the coils fit better if coil one is on cyl 2, coil 2 on cyl 1, and coil 3 on 3.. it was 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 when I fist opened the cover.. but the wires we stretched and there natural worn in curves fit better my way.. Is this correct? or??.. I have not tried to start it yet... "

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    Default Chris....1-2-3 is it.....

    Chris....1-2-3 is it.....

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    Default took my boat out 1st time thi

    took my boat out 1st time this year... has 7ohp johnson. well it ran great no prob.... i was driving full speed went over a small wake to get behind another boat and bam... the engine just shut off.
    no warning ..no spitting sputtering or anything just died.. towed back and went home...i had no spark to either 3 cyl... eveything is fine except for not having any fire..could this be the power pack?? where all electrical wires are conected... i belive this is the power pack..can it be tested or just replace it???

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