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  1. Re: 2006 Horizon 8.1 exhaust manifold lifespan

    There are full and partial FW systems out there. In the full systems, the exhaust manifolds have anti freeze in them.
    I got over 6 seasons on a pair of MERC dryjoint elbows (raw water cooled) on a...
  2. Thread: VP XDP woes

    by sandkicker

    Re: VP XDP woes

    Drop price, cut your losses...
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    Re: Running AQ130

    Since engine oil pressure is 40 psi or more and raw water pressure much lower, any leak likely to be oil leaking into water not visa versa.

    There is a weep hole on the water pump drive shaft that...
  4. Re: Would like to add a temperature alarm system to my 4107

    Most problems that appear in one's "fresh water" cooling system are due to a failure or degredation of the raw water system. The big three failure points are:
    1) Plugged/clogged raw water strainer...
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    Re: Carburetor wedge

    I'm not a fan of buying one use tools. A regular 8" el cheapo hardware store level will work. Carbs don't have to be dead level, and since boats run at different attitudes depending on speed you...
  6. Re: Mercruiser Sterndrive wont catch forward or reverse

    Normally not, however O/P indicated both new cables and controls.
  7. Re: Mercruiser Sterndrive wont catch forward or reverse

    I would double check that the jacket of the shift cable retains (lock/clamp) to the shifter at the helm correctly.
  8. Re: Male Spade Connector on Boat Rocker Switchboard broke off, is there a fix?

    How old is the boat? There is a good chance that if that terminal fell off, that the rest of the panel is not far behind. It depends on the overall condition of the panel.
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    Re: 4.3LX WOT Issues & Prop

    A boat with an almost flat bottom aft and one with a good amount of deadrise aft will perform drastically differently in regards to boat speed/engine RPM vs engine size.

    BTdoc correct.... drive...
  10. Re: engines won't rev past 3000 rpms under load

    More information!!! Starting with, did these engines ever run to specified WOT RPM for you?

    And...if engine isn't running correctly how do you know "carbs rebuilt correctly" ( just sayin' ).
  11. Re: 350 MAG not revving past 3200 rpm, not planing

    Here on the Jersey Shore, some of the competitive sailors hire divers to scrub their already bottom painted boat bottoms the day before they race ( usually once a week) . While bottom paint does a...
  12. Re: 1947 Chris Craft K Engine Slipping at 2,000 RPM

    Transmission.... check fluid level as a first step
  13. Thread: Fuel pump

    by sandkicker

    Re: Fuel pump

    re: "I also have a brand new, cheaper pump ($118) from Autozone..." Hopefully a Marine Approved fuel pump.
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    Re: Running AQ130

    I've had a large amount of sand and muck sucked into one of my Volvo 4 bangers water jackets, past the "filter", which are usually sized to keep seaweed out, not sand and muck.

    Water should flow...
  15. Re: Please Help. 1997 Glastron 175 with Volvo Penta 3.0

    Barr manifolds are often "work alikes" not exact replacements.... and casting numbers are unique to a given manufacturer, so don't expect even an EXACT clone from another manufacturer to to have the...
  16. Re: Sterndrive seems to kick-up both in forward and reverse!

    Find a better prop shop.
  17. Re: AQ225D thru-hull exhaust outlet dimension?

    FYI... I measured well over 6 psi back pressure with my 5.7 thru the 280 Y exhaust. When I went to thru transom w/ mufflers ( NJ laws!) , I instantly got another 450 RPM... and it was quiter @...
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    Re: Mercruser 4.5 250 HP Bravo 3

    w/ lot of sand, I'd think about a new raw water impeller and possible complete pump rebuild kit.... and not beaching/unbeaching the boat under power.
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    Re: finding the correct prop

    You didn't mention the WOT you do get with just 2 on board...
  20. Re: AQ225D thru-hull exhaust outlet dimension?

    The MERC install manual for 305/350 SBCs stipulates either a minimum single 4" exhaust outlet or dual 3"... and a SBC is an SBC regardless of whose decal is on the engine for most things.
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