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  1. Replies

    Suzuki DT150 Up and Down trim problem

    My unit trims up just fine but won't trim down. Anybody out there fixed this one before? Solenoid okay. Suspect a relay problem or perhaps as simple as corroded contacts somewhere in line between...
  2. Re: Suzuke DT150 Outboard Motor - crack in gear housing

    Thanks Dave. Much of the area in the "bell" part of the lower unit casting is simply an exhaust chamber. My crack is limited to the exhaust chamber area. We found an aluminum welder today who...
  3. Suzuke DT150 Outboard Motor - crack in gear housing

    There is a crack in my lower unit gear housing beginning at the hub and forward about 3 inches. I took it to a welder and he said that the aluminum was too corroded to accept a good weld. The crack...
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