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    Re: Eastwood High Temp Internal Exhaust Coating

    Use the exhaust coating where it's designed to be used. Temperatures inside the combustion chamber is higher than in the exhaust. Any coating on the cylinder will wear away quickly. Coating that...
  2. Re: SB DD 6V92TA will not start, port starts fine,

    You might try cleaning all the cable connections, including the ground.
    Clicking can be a poor connection, pitted solenoid contacts, low voltage, bad ground.
    Put a meter on the battery cable where...
  3. Re: Minn Kota Edge 45 shorted wires in foot pedal

    My experience with electric trolling motors is the manufacturers skimp on the wire size. And if the battery terminals or connectors get corroded it causes the motor to draw more amps. I changed all...
  4. Re: Minn Kota Edge 45 shorted wires in foot pedal

    Use a test light or volt meter and check voltage to each switch and voltage leaving each switch until you find where the power stops. My guess is on-off since nothing works. The cooked wire may need...
  5. Re: 1987 Detroit 671 turbo 485 HP heavy greyish smoke at start up

    I've been running and rebuilding Detroit 71s for 50+ years. Commercially and personally. Oil consumption can come from leaking turbo seal or bad rings. Keep the oil clean, maybe add a bypass filter....
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    Re: 671 TI Detroit dead spot in acceleration

    You can sometimes find used parts at ebay.com or surplusman.com
    With some searching, there are companies that make aftermarket intercoolers for many makes. Cheaper than from Detroit. Also there are...
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    Re: Battery recommendation and questions please

    Battery is too small. It will have a short life. Probably 2 amp charge, 1 would be better. I'd get a car size, deep cycle and keep it charged. It'll probably last 10 years.

    I have a Minn Kota...
  8. Re: Mty Detroit v12 600kw turbo diesel солярка в масле

    The fuel pump is mounted to the blower housing. It is driven by one of the rotors. The rotor bearing is lubricated by engine oil. If the fuel pump seal fails, pressurized fuel is sprayed into the...
  9. Thread: water makers

    by Lepke

    Re: water makers

    There are 12v, 24v, 48v, and Ac 120v and 220v watermakers. Mine is self made, but similar to what's found here: https://www.cruiserowaterandpower.com/piston-pump-water-makers/
    The high pressure pump...
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    Re: Gray Marine 2:1 transmission for 671

    Try https://www.surplusman.com/
    They buy and sell engines and parts. They usually have Detroit engines, transmissions, and parts.
    Also ebay.
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    Re: ye ol 671 is smoking white when cold

    An injector shop can test your injectors and rebuild as necessary. No real need for a 2nd set. You could have worn tips. When the fine holes get bigger, some or all of the spray becomes large...
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    Re: ye ol 671 is smoking white when cold

    White smoke could also be steam - water. But you would be loosing coolant. And that would be a head gasket failure, but not too common in marine Detroits unless they get hot.
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    Re: Old bedford diesel ob-5

    I believe https://www.harbormastermarine.com/ has some parts, but probably newer models.
    https://www.surplusman.com/ buys and sells used engines and parts.
    ebay is a good place to look for parts...
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    Re: ye ol 671 is smoking white when cold

    Depending on the model, the fuel pump pumps 35 gallons an hour or more. It's a gear pump and should blow out any debris that went thru 2 filters. I doubt you have a return line clog. The fuel is part...
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    Re: It just stops....

    A breaker would stop all current to the motor. But a thermal protector could be in the motor or on the control board. Since the motor works again after sitting, I'm guessing it's a heat problem. I...
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    Re: It just stops....

    Is there a self resetting breaker in the line? If so, it heats up from too many amps and trips. Then it has to cool down to reset. Or the controller or motor could have an thermal breaker.
    If the...
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    Re: Perkins Prima 50hp water in engine

    Probably a leak in the heat exchanger. Most of the time, the oil pressure is higher than the raw water, so only a little water transfers at startup. You should see some oil loss and a sheen in the...
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    Re: 12v71TI conversion question

    The best way to save fuel and increase life of a Detroit is go slower.
    Turbo Detroits have lower compression pistons than naturals. You'll have less power than you plan on.
    Turbos fail because of...
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    Re: FREE motor....again

    Sometimes Sears a few parts like seals and gaskets.
    A good marine store or ebay may have an impeller.
    The motor wasn't built by Sears, just the name plate.
    There are places on the internet and...
  20. Re: Got a big boat and new to all this, need help figuring out what this tank leading to engine is f

    The fuel system is basically a closed system and should still be charged with fuel. I'd forgo changing fuel filters until after the engine has run. When you open the system, air needs to be bled out....
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