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  1. Re: Changing impeller on Starboard 2900 Open??

    Well, I did it. Removed the alternator, after that, reached across the front of the engine (from the center) and removed the pivot bolt
    and the adjuster bolt, remove the output hose from the U-Tube...
  2. Changing impeller on Starboard 2900 Open??

    I've got a Tiara 2900 Open, and the starboard engine needs to have its impeller changed, problem is
    I can't reach it from the top or the side. Anyone done this job themself? How did you get it...
  3. Re: 454 Losing coolant in reservoir, but Exchanger is full and no overheat

    I had this very same problem on my port 454 engine, turned out the heat exchanger failed. The raw water pushes out the coolant. Need to flush out the
    seawater and replace the exchanger. You...
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