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  1. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    Well, well, I looked at the pump earlier today.-----And the port at the back of the original pump on a 98 model DOES NOT go to the diaphragm.----You should STOP making assumptions here.----Look at...
  2. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    Have you checked to see if the port on the back of the pump actually goes to the diiaphragm, yes or no ?----There is an opportunity for you to learn here.----I do not believe your pump gets a "...
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    Re: Carb differences and issues

    In my opinion there is nothing that can go wrong with these to warrant carburetor replacement !------Well except for worn out / sloppy throttle shafts.-----What other trouble shooting was done if any...
  4. Re: 1985 XP150 what is the minimum compression? I gotta be close

    Test with another gauge.------No spark condition.--------I would first get the battery load tested even if it is new !----Then pull the starter apart to inspect brushes.----Ohm check from commutator...
  5. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    So would you agree that the + pressure compresses the big spring when piston is coming down.----Then when piston is going up the spring works to pull fuel from the tank.-----Have you determined if...
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    Re: point set,powerpack,ignition help

    The reeds are chipped / defective.----Rarely seen on these small motors.----Possibly running above recommended maximum RPM.----Install all new reeds on this motor.
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    Re: Carb differences and issues

    Well they would be if you swap the parts that are different on them.-----Look closely and see that the center carburetor has different parts to link it to the other carburetors.-----Other than that...
  8. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    The big spring on one side of the diaphragm, what does it do ??----There is an opportunity to learn some basics about what PRESSURE does in this pump.
  9. Re: 1981 Mercury 115HP 6 cylinder will start and run only on start circuit

    I do not believe 12 volts is needed to go to the switch boxes on this motor.---Ignition circuit should be " open " to run.------Pictures or serial # required.----Sounds like the switch / wiring was...
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    Re: 1978 evinrude 115 water leak.

    Look to be normal.-------What is a " partial power head rebuild " in this case.
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    Re: Stuck 1976 Chrysler 35 hp

    Perhaps the motor went for a swim and was never properly looked after once recovered.
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    Re: 1990 25 hp mercury does not charge

    Some electric start kits installed after motor left the factory do not have charging capability.----Post pictures of port side of the block.
  13. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    His pump has 3 hose fittings.----One fuel in on the filter screen cap.-------One fuel out to the carburetor.----One for pulse to the diaphragm !
  14. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    Just looked at a 1998 model.-----This pump mounts on the pulse port for top cylinder.---- And has a hose from a pulse port from the bottom cylinder going to it as well.-----So Mr Bouncer should check...
  15. Re: Are 2012 115hp Etecs reliable powerplants?

    I think these new E-Tec motors are very good.-----But you need good dealer support on these things.-----Parts when needed are pricey.------I would prefer older say 1996 model 115...
  16. Re: Johnson1999 25hp fuel pump mistake? J25RLEEB

    ?--pressure drives these pumps.----With just a wee bit of vacuum !
  17. Re: 1996 evinrude, few question please help.

    The latest water pump kit comes with the 6 vane impeller and parts to update the thermostat and spring !!----We all know that these engines suffered from overheat ( # 2 cylinder ) I think.------The...
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    Re: Mercury 50hp 2stroke/ low on power

    The purpose of the primer bulb is to fill the carburetors.----Saves the starter motor from having to do that via the pump on the motor.----Or saves your arm / shoulders on a manual start...
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    Re: 2000 50 hp johnson

    You are getting closer.------That line from the pulse limiter gets crankcase compression .----That air has fuel / oil mix in it.----You may find some fuel there.----It should not be a lot of...
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    Re: 1977 Evinrude 140

    Have to say it.-----That bolt has a 5/8" hex head when it left the factory.
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