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  1. Re: VP 250a 270 OD- what prop for betterpower/speed

    Since the boat was likely over propped by the P/O ( in an attempt to get more speed) and you now have a larger engine... as stated above, existing prop a good starting point. While one can...
  2. Re: For Antifreeze: Muffs OK or Directly Connect to Suction Side of Raw Water Pump ??

    IMHO, if he has residual seawater he has trouble... adding antifreeze may mitigate the problem by lowering the freezing point of any residual seawater. I used the clear drain ports/drain...
  3. Re: VP 250a 270 OD- what prop for betterpower/speed

    The (typically) one and only prop size is that prop that allows the engine to rev up to WITHIN the specified maximum wide open throttle RPM range with:
    Properly tuned engine
    Tank 3/4 filled (at...
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    Re: aq140a heat exchanger

    If it was my boat, given its the mounting flange, I'd repair it. Instead of using jb anything, I'd spend a few bucks and invest in a plastic welding gun, about USD75 at Harbor Freight. The only...
  5. Re: Overheating Mercruiser 350 inboard/outboard!

    165 on a hose too hot if its at idle with enough water flow. If you are running in salt or brackish water w/o a heat exchanger you should have a 140 tstat.
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    Re: Aq130 3.0 revised

    With oil @ 40 psi and water @ 5 to 15 psi, oil would leak into water
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    Re: Neither engine will idle.

    Ethanol will leave hard deposits in fine metering passages that carb cleaner ( and a classic rebuild) won't touch. Needs to be removed mechanically, i.e. with a very fine wire.
    Which carb?
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    Re: Up-tune 6.2L from 300 HP to 350 HP

    Hp is a function of torque x RPM. Torque is a function of CID displacement,( since torque is related to psi chamber pressure x piston top area ( CID). Much of the HP gain that you get from an...
  9. Re: Overheating Mercruiser 350 inboard/outboard!

    I think your boat is over propped, most likely an attempt by the previous owner to get more speed out of it by increasing the pitch. How many RPM @full throttle??? It's been my opinion and of...
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    Re: Risers Manifold Longevity

    Note auxiliary water passages ("C" passages) bypassing the exhaust path flange at bottom i.e dry joint
    21816On a dry joint elbow, the water passages are external and not cast as slot passages ...
  11. Re: 2006 Horizon 8.1 exhaust manifold lifespan

    re: "to double check my memory. manifolds come with the mating surfaces painted. "

    On my OEM replacement dry joint elbows, Merc did not mask the threads on the tapped holes for the water feed. ...
  12. Re: 2006 Horizon 8.1 exhaust manifold lifespan

    There are full and partial FW systems out there. In the full systems, the exhaust manifolds have anti freeze in them.
    I got over 6 seasons on a pair of MERC dryjoint elbows (raw water cooled) on a...
  13. Thread: VP XDP woes

    by sandkicker

    Re: VP XDP woes

    Drop price, cut your losses...
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    Re: Running AQ130

    Since engine oil pressure is 40 psi or more and raw water pressure much lower, any leak likely to be oil leaking into water not visa versa.

    There is a weep hole on the water pump drive shaft that...
  15. Re: Would like to add a temperature alarm system to my 4107

    Most problems that appear in one's "fresh water" cooling system are due to a failure or degredation of the raw water system. The big three failure points are:
    1) Plugged/clogged raw water strainer...
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    Re: Carburetor wedge

    I'm not a fan of buying one use tools. A regular 8" el cheapo hardware store level will work. Carbs don't have to be dead level, and since boats run at different attitudes depending on speed you...
  17. Re: Mercruiser Sterndrive wont catch forward or reverse

    Normally not, however O/P indicated both new cables and controls.
  18. Re: Mercruiser Sterndrive wont catch forward or reverse

    I would double check that the jacket of the shift cable retains (lock/clamp) to the shifter at the helm correctly.
  19. Re: Male Spade Connector on Boat Rocker Switchboard broke off, is there a fix?

    How old is the boat? There is a good chance that if that terminal fell off, that the rest of the panel is not far behind. It depends on the overall condition of the panel.
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    Re: 4.3LX WOT Issues & Prop

    A boat with an almost flat bottom aft and one with a good amount of deadrise aft will perform drastically differently in regards to boat speed/engine RPM vs engine size.

    BTdoc correct.... drive...
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