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    Re: engine pulley- 807728 obsolete

    Try Jeg’s or Summit Racing
    Also NLA Marine
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    Re: OMC 4.3 block parts compatibility HELP

    Are those casting #s (found back by the bell housing) or GM serial numbers (front of block right next to the starboard side cyl head. Normally the serial #s have a T first (for Tonawanda assembly)...
  3. Re: v6 cobra no or very hard to get into reverse. all cable tests done.

    Sometimes you can get corrosion on the shifter rod that goes down into the lower unit and it will hang up on the seal that is in the shift rod cover on the lower unit. While someone turns either the...
  4. Re: Gas spewing from plug holes during compression test.

    No not normal you may see a mist of atomized fuel expelled from the plug holes but never liquid raw gas. Your carb is obviously flooding and this can be from a mis adjusted float, defective float,...
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    Re: electronic ignition upgrade 1987 4.3 v6

    There are a couple of options, but points are not a bad system if you know how to maintain them, I still have points in my '88 4.3 V6.
    You can:
    convert the points to a Petronix system, this keeps...
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    Re: AQ130C and stuck oil filter

    Another suggestion, if you use a strap wrench, take a piece of medium sand paper and fold it so the rough side is out on both sides, then slide it between the strap & filter, that gives the strap...
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    Re: Cobra 1987 0481586 sterndrive

    No that cover is for access to the water pump not the shift linkage. You have to pull the drive
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    Re: Cobra 1987 0481586 sterndrive

    UPPER GEAR HOUSING - 1992 Stern Drive 4.3 434APRAMH | Crowley Marine

    Now these Cobra drives are all the same from 1986-1992 but the earlier diagrams don't show the parts for this for some reason....
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    Re: Cobra 1987 0481586 sterndrive

    It is a metal plate that probably fell off and is in the water passage behind where that hole is. You will have to pull the drive, fish it out, reinstall the screw and do not touch it again lol.
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    Re: outdrive case flush

    I would not flush it with any solvent because if it does not completely evaporate it will contaminate the fresh gear oil. If you had water in the gear oil just change it after fixing the bad seals...
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    Re: marinize a quadrajet?

    If you are using an electric fuel pump you don’t need the nipple for the fuel pump overflow hosp, that is only needed if are using a mechanical pump as was used on the pre Vortec engines. Since this...
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    Re: Replacing wheel cylinders

    Old post but what I did was take a new backing plate and remove the cylinders. Then remove the pushrod and rubber boot. Then use silicone brake grease to coat the top of the brake piston & area under...
  13. Thread: efi conversion

    by louc

    Re: efi conversion

    When properly rebuilt the Quadrajet is an excellent carb; I’ve gone thru mine a few times the main thing is to start with a good core and clean it very well (especially the idle air tubes) and to use...
  14. Re: 1999 5.7GXI with DuoProp, oil cooler & Water Pressure

    PS why don’t you try running it like you usually do and take an IR temp gun with you; run it up on plane and take readings of your oil filter and oil pan. If they are below 250*F I don’t think you...
  15. Re: 1999 5.7GXI with DuoProp, oil cooler & Water Pressure

    Goggle the PDF document “Volvo Penta Overheat Diagnosis” it covers all the causes of overheating on these and how to test for correct vacuum & pressure in the cooling system.
  16. Re: 1999 5.7GXI with DuoProp, oil cooler & Water Pressure

    1) I don’t think the rectangular muffs seal well; I had trouble with them as well; the best I used was the Merc/Quicksilver round ones with the metal rod clamp. The rectangular ones use rubber that...
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    Re: No water going into engine

    The muffs you were using probably were the whole problem, if your had a water hose hooked up with the impeller removed from the housing yes water should come out of the impeller housing. I use the...
  18. Re: w/ the tang washer is a outer bearing washer required?

    yes even with the tang washer you need the outer bearing washer just like with a cotter pin. The tang washer simply takes the place of the cotter pin but the outer bearing washer is needed to keep...
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    Re: Winterizing a non-running I/O

    I used to use the West Marine -100 as it is intended for engine systems and will stay liquid way down to -55*F. But its expensive, so I started to use Sierra Propylene Glycol antifreeze mixed 50/50...
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    Re: 4.3L Intake Manifold

    That one looks very good!
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