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    Re: Problem 4hp Johnson outboard

    Unfortunatly I dont have a compression tester but it does run fine until about 1 min of full throttle. I did check the fuel tank and lines once I realised the filter was blocked. I flushed out the...
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    Problem 4hp Johnson outboard

    Hey all.
    So I have recently acquired a Johnson 4hp 1996 outboard. When I first took it out it would run but got bogged down and died and I couldnt restart it. I serviced the carb and found a lot of...
  3. Re: Johnson 4hp 1996 2 stroke Tell tale water seems to come from 3 holes

    This is the three holes I mean. The right one is the tell tale hole. The other 2 on the left are the ones I mean. They spit a bit of water out
  4. Re: 1990 Johnson 4hp, carb not drawing in fuel.

    One thing to note is when you turn on the fuel and shut it off, if you then remove the float bowl is it full of fuel? I notice normally fuel will start to come out as soon as I start to unscrew the...
  5. Johnson 4hp 1996 2 stroke Tell tale water seems to come from 3 holes

    Hey all.
    So I have bought an old johnson outboard and while out the other day the tell tale stopped. When I got it home I blew air into the hole and it seems to be fine now. My questions are, is...
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    Johnson 4hp outboard identification

    Hey all.
    I want to check my johnson outboard identification. Its BJ4BREDD.
    I know it a 4hp and think its 1996. What I am unsure about is the D at the end. When I look at the service manual it lists...
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