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  1. Re: 1962 Evinrude 40HP Idles Rough/Misses at High Speed

    Seems like we're birds of a feather on various tricks Tim. The other function.... after a bout of blabber & prostate cancer, at about 3am I just reach down and feel that urostomy thing. If it's full,...
  2. Re: Question on jet sizes and carb bowl 1982 60hp Johnson

    How can aluminum warp?... Beats the hell outta me! However, if a leak is obvious at the gasket area, and the gasket is new/good..................

    I'd suggest a fine grade wet/dry sandpaper...
  3. Re: 1962 Evinrude 40HP Idles Rough/Misses at High Speed

    The armature plate that the points etc set upon.... Does it have a wobble to it, up on one side, down on the other, back & forth?? If so, the point setting will definitely change as the...
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    Re: 35HP Dripping Gas Out Exhaust

    Very easily.... Simply have the engine in a vertical running position (Engine NOT Running) and pump the fuel primer bulb up hard while observing the carburetor. While holding pressure on the primer...
  5. Thread: Qd-14 1953

    by joereeves

    Re: Qd-14 1953

    Just looking thru my factory copy of the QD-14 1953 10hp Johnson Parts Manual, mainly the carburetor section... yeah, I recall working on those things back when they were about nine or ten years old....
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    Re: Starter running with switch off

    A new starter solenoid sticking?... Not likely.

    More likely a internal flaw within the ignition switch "B" (battery" terminal to "S" (solenoid) terminal.

    With the starter cranking on its own,...
  7. Re: 1978 55HP (55EL78S) Throttle linkage setup

    1 - The screw on the vertical throttle arm is simply a "Stop Screw" to be set when you have the idle exactly where you want it.... It's purpose is simply to prevent the idle from dropping lower due...
  8. Re: 1978 55HP (55EL78S) Throttle linkage setup

    The "Idle Timing" is what is needed. I checked my books... it is indeed 3 degrees +/- 1 degree so you're okay anywhere between 2 to 4 degrees, however 3 degrees would be perfect.

    Don't mess with...
  9. Re: Does anyone know the omc part number for a flushing attachment for 1965 90hp Johnson?

    Not a bad deal if it's a $20 bill! :cool: (Couldn't resist!)
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    Re: 35HP Dripping Gas Out Exhaust

    Also, along with checking the fuel pump diaphragm (as below)... check that the carburetor is not flooding/leaking.

    (Fuel Pump Diaphragm Test)
    (Two Hose Type Only)
  11. Re: 90 Evinrude 150HP - Connecting these two wires gives me the constant alarm. One is frm Oil Reser

    Connecting wires here and there with no knowledge of where those wires lead to is a road to financial disaster, possible fire, explosion, etc. Fortunately the two wires you connected simply ground...
  12. Re: 1977 evinrude 70hp flywheel hard to turn

    Ah.... Bummer! But as with any 42 year old engine, this happens. Hopefully you got it for a song, so to speak and you can recoup your loss by parting it out.
  13. Re: 1978 55HP (55EL78S) Throttle linkage setup

    If you're speaking of setting the "Idle Timing" and the "Link & Synchronization".... What "Degree Setting" does your manual state?

    Setting the length of this rod??... I assume you're speaking of...
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    Re: Rewind starter????

    Engine Model Number?
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    Re: 2001 jhonson 70hp hard cold start

    You cannot guess about this. You need to determine exactly if you have spark or you do not when this problem occurs.

    When the engine cranks and does not start.... Be prepared to remove the spark...
  16. Re: 1977 evinrude 70hp flywheel hard to turn

    To test the electric starter..... Have a good known fully charged battery and good known jumper cables. Now, with those jumper cables, apply them directly to the electric starter. If the starter...
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    Re: Prop help on 1969 55hp evinrude

    Look closely.... That "F" is most likely a "P" for "Pitch"... and if it is a 19 pitch prop, it is quite unlikely to be suitable for a 55hp engine.
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    Re: 2001 jhonson 70hp hard cold start

    Is it contained within a regular white OMC type control box, a more or less chrome top console single lever control, simply attached thru a hole in the dash or console?

    I'd suggest looking thru...
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    Re: Evanrude E15rcob

    (Thermostat Purpose)
    (J. Reeves)

    Many engines are considered high performance engines and demand a thermostat(s), and many smaller hp engines also require a thermostat for...
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    Re: 9.9 Evinrude water tube grommet

    In agreement with all of Vic's statements. This one (the quote above) is a most common one as the water tube hitting the edge of the pump housing grommet causes it to fold over to make a very...
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