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    Re: 75 HP Stinger is a stinker

    Turns out...it was needing carb rebuild and powerpack.
    All new fuel system...plugs...seals...
    Tank...everything...practically rebuilt engine.
    120+ psi...no need to go there. Never fix what ain't...
  2. Re: 1978 Johnson Stinger...she flies...(sometimes)

    Well...it had passed through three different people before I took a chance on the project.
    Just glad THAT part is over. Now that we have it running at top condition, I will be
    Paying special...
  3. Re: 1978 Johnson Stinger...she flies...(sometimes)

    Finally...she flies again.
    New CDI 113-1756 powerpack.
    This engine got a new lease on life.
    Practically rebuilt from lower unit up.
    Only thing I didn't replace was rings bearings and reeds....
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    1978 Johnson 75HP Stinger


    Installed new CDI 113-1756 POWERPACK
  5. Re: 1978 johnson 75 Stinger...ignition problems

    White plastic with black terminal board and metal face cap
    With a model number on it. 320787
  6. Re: 1978 johnson 75 Stinger...ignition problems

    Bought new stator and timing sensor base.
    All three coils are new.
    New plugs.
    Still no spark on cylinder #2.
    Ohm readings were same on Both timing based.
    All consistent readings.
    Stator was...
  7. Re: 1978 johnson 75 Stinger...ignition problems

    So...I was told that if power pack failed none of them would fire.
    So...you are saying that the engine will still run with the failure of power pack at one or two
    Sections fried?
    I changed the...
  8. 1978 johnson 75 Stinger...ignition problems

    After rebuilt carbs
    New fuel lines
    And several runs...
    Still no results to the problem at hand.
    This is what I found.
    No spark to 2nd cylinder.
    New plugs and coils all good.
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    Re: Compatible lower unit swap?

    Thanx for the info...unfortunately the one I was going to get for free...son sold it for good cash amount.
    Now I am on the hunt.
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    Compatible lower unit swap?

    I have a worn and abused lower unit on my 1978 Johnson 75 Stinger.
    I have access for a free 1978 Evinrude 70hp lower unit.
    Are these compatible swaps?
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    Re: 1974 Johnson Stinger 2

    If your stator spark advance creeps forward but won't go back
    Possible that the coil spring in the throttle and stator assembly is clogged with ancient grease and dust. It solidifies and causes the...
  12. 1978 Johnson Stinger...she flies...(sometimes)

    After changing 100% fuel lines
    New draw unit from tank
    Main line hose and connectors
    Cleaned fuel pump and carbs...
    New gaskets for bowls
    She fly like a bird...for about 8 minutes.

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    Re: 75 HP Stinger is a stinker

    Carb had a piece of deteriorated fuel line debris.
    Got it running and she flew.
    Tool it out twice and got her up to 40+ MPH...
    Today I took her out. Started right up.
    Warmed it up while I parked...
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    75 HP Stinger is a stinker

    Ahoy...and thanx ahead of time to read and offer help.

    I have a 1978 Johnson 75 HP Stinger.
    Starts and runs great...out of water.
    Using muffs..runs and idles like an old Hamilton Service Watch....
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