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  1. Re: 2005 Mercury 25hp 2 stroke not getting gas

    If this is the Mercury built motor check to make sure the base gasket on the carb is on correctly. Otherwise repair the fuel pump.
  2. Re: 2005 90hp Johnson 2 stroke shakes very bad

    Is your optical eye dirty? Do you have a factory manual? What is your compression? Does spark jump 7/16" air gap? Do All the linkages move smoothly? Those motors require a special analyzer to set...
  3. Re: 1996 Mercury 2 stroke/ 4 cyl C40ELPTO - Thermostat Location

    I don't think those motors have a thermostat.
  4. Re: 115 Will Not Run To Full RPM Even With Prop Changes

    What motor do you have? Need a serial #. O5herwise it could be a 3,4,6 cylinder motor. Is it carbed or injected
  5. Thread: J20crcrd

    by flyingscott

    Re: J20crcrd

    It is a 1986 model
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    Re: Neutral safety switch

    Is it adjusted correctly? Does.the bracket have both bolts in it?
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    Re: Beware of Chinese fuel pumps

    I like the small Chinese pumps. I buy like 10 of them at a time and rebuild them with BRP rebuild kits. A $100 pump for $30 it is the gaskets that are garbage the housings seem OK so far.
  8. Re: Sea ray 135hp can't figure out serial number

    b241881 - c100860
  9. Re: Will new rings fix this low-compression 6hp?

    What happens if you leave the choke on until it actually starts? I usually leave the choke on until the motor is physically running. Once it's running I will push the choke off when it starts to bog.
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    Re: 1976 20 hp Merc 200

    Left side of the video, the bracket screwed to the transom is what you need. That is a a seastar/teleflex bracket. The piece on the motor is the correct mounting location look for the Mercury bracket...
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    Re: 1976 20 hp Merc 200

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AY10GEsCQ34 look in the catalog for this set up. The bracket may be in Mercs catalog.
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    Re: 1976 20 hp Merc 200

    Look through the teleflex/seastar catalog on this sight should have what you need.
  13. Re: Will new rings fix this low-compression 6hp?

    Hard to believe it has low compression if it is pushing a 14' boat at 15 mph or idling for that matter. What is your starting procedure?
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    Re: Is it worth fixing

    I personally would not fix it and not because it is a bad motor. Just because the later models had improvements to make them run better. Anything OMC after 1980 is a good choice.
  15. Re: Old gas in a 2003 15hp Johnson outboard motor

    I would change the water pump and thoroughly clean the carb and install a good quality kit.
  16. Re: Johnson 40hp 1975 ,where is the thermostat?

    Are you a troll? this was answered on another site.
  17. Re: Evinrude 1983 70 HP fuel out of air inlet carbs

    Thank god for google, How else would you go off on a wild goose chase. Get new quality carb kits and rebuild your carbs. No matter ho much you adjust the float if the needle and seat are bad gonna...
  18. Re: Mercury 40 hp 0T518996 2002 , 2 stroke

    You are not idling at 25 degrees can pretty much guarantee that. If it dies when shifting could be as simple as to low of an idle. What is your compression? Spark to all cylinders jumps a 7/16" air...
  19. Re: Sporadic Misfire 1992 Evinrude Spitfire 150

    Have you checked the eye?
  20. Re: 15 HP Electric Start Evinrude 1991 battery required?

    Yes you do need a battery connected. The rectifier uses the battery as a voltage regulator.
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