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    Re: 1976 6hp Evinrude high thrust prop?

    He still has it, however Dryden is about 1600 km from me.
    if you know of anyone whos coming out towards the Toronto or Orillia Way Id grab it and hang on to it for you.
  2. Re: 05 GM 3.0 Alpha one intake manifold stud thread

    Get a thread gauge, or borrow one. I have metric & SAE gauges in my tap/die kit. They are invaluable in ensuring you don’t run a metric clean up tap down an SAE bore.
    SAE are defined as...
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    Re: Tiller kill switch destroyed???

    Is the actual sealed unit o the switch bad (test wth multimeter), or is it just the red stop button on the end that is broken.
    I had an 8HP with a broken switch, & didnt want to pony up the $130...
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    Re: 1976 6hp Evinrude high thrust prop?

    It guy, I know this is an older post, but are you still looking for the low pitch sailboat prop?
    I just went & looked at a 70’s Evinrude 6HP today.
    It needs the tiller handle replaced as it fell...
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    Re: Spark plug question

    You have a 20 year old motor, It’s possible the original plugs were superseded by a newer version. That is the case with one of my Toyota cars.
    I would call a RELIABLE tech, & ask what the current...
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    Re: Hard to start '58 Elgin

    Here is a thread with a photo of a tester you can build for free, from scrap items....
  7. Re: 15 HP Electric Start Evinrude 1991 battery required?

    Thanks everyone for the intel. I went to look at this motor, he had it hooked up to a battery, (I brought one with me just in case).
    There were no smoking guns, nothing stood out huge, but a bunch...
  8. 15 HP Electric Start Evinrude 1991 battery required?

    Ive never had a smaller kicker with the electric start option.
    my question - if test running it do you require a battery to be hooked up even if youre starting with the pull start?
    im thinking...
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    Re: Regular gas ?

    A book could be compiled regarding operators claiming ethanol fuels being bad.
    It can be, depending on one’s particular circumstance.
    It’s helpful to understand a bit about ethanol. Ethanol is a...
  10. Re: 1997 Johnson 8hp tilt pin lock problems

    It seems quite common to break that flimsy twisty knob. There should be a grease zerk close to that knob. Pump some marine grease in & work the knob a bunch of times. It should loosen up to where it...
  11. Re: looking for measurements for v/p sx-a trim pistons

    Did you check fluid level?
    I know its a bit of a pain, with the reservoir being mounted on the transom, but if fluid is low, it wont fully extend.
    I had that issue with my 08 VP SX. The pump...
  12. 1986 Evinrude 6HP leaking water/exhaust

    I picked up a 1986 Evinrude 6HP - CE6RCDE for very little money. It starts first pull.
    Compression is a bit low, (95 psi both jugs), might be my gauge, as it seems to develop decent power.
    With a...
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    Re: Rodents and Command Link Guages

    Leave your cowlings off next winter. Rodents won’t take up residence if it’s open.
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    Re: 6HP Evinrude Fisherman 1974

    Had this little motor out today, & decided to have a hard look at where that screw came from.
    You nailed it. In the photo, I’ve removed the clip that holds the arm, in order to get a bit...
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    Re: 1987 mercury 35 hp reliability

    Maybe, maybe not. Prices vary considerably, depending on location alone.
    Do some searches on Craigslist & other buy/sell platforms to get a feel for what they go for.
    If I were laying out cash for...
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    Re: 1972 65 Hp Waterpump

    Wow! That’s a creative test tank! For next time, go to Wally World & pickup a plastic trash can. It’s much easier to mount the kicker on a sawhorse for initial running & tuning.
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    Re: Canadian parts

    I’ve dealt numerous times getting car parts from dealers who won’t ship across the border. I have them shipped to a UPS store just across the border, then drive down and pick them up.
    The border is...
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    Re: New (to me) 7.5 Ted Williams

    Dustin, where abouts are you?
    There is a pretty good looking identical motor, close to me. Ask price is $200. I’m sure you could pick it up for less, & have good parts.
  19. Re: Can a 15HP carb from a 1976 fit on a newer generation 1990+ 9.9HP

    The 15 gains most of its extra power from the wider throat carb, (breathes better), & the higher rpm. If the boats weight, or prop prevent the higher rpm, you won’t go faster.
    In reality, on my...
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    Re: New (to me) 7.5 Ted Williams

    Try these guys, https://thebrazilianconnection.com/searsindexsouth.html
    Down the page, it lists your motor, by Eska or McCulloch.
    i should have said, motor by Eska, above.
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