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    Re: Perkins Prima 50hp water in engine

    Probably a leak in the heat exchanger. Most of the time, the oil pressure is higher than the raw water, so only a little water transfers at startup. You should see some oil loss and a sheen in the...
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    Re: 12v71TI conversion question

    The best way to save fuel and increase life of a Detroit is go slower.
    Turbo Detroits have lower compression pistons than naturals. You'll have less power than you plan on.
    Turbos fail because of...
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    Re: FREE motor....again

    Sometimes Sears a few parts like seals and gaskets.
    A good marine store or ebay may have an impeller.
    The motor wasn't built by Sears, just the name plate.
    There are places on the internet and...
  4. Re: Got a big boat and new to all this, need help figuring out what this tank leading to engine is f

    The fuel system is basically a closed system and should still be charged with fuel. I'd forgo changing fuel filters until after the engine has run. When you open the system, air needs to be bled out....
  5. Re: Got a big boat and new to all this, need help figuring out what this tank leading to engine is f

    Looks like an expansion tank for coolant. Usually you have a pressure cap that keeps the coolant under 7-15psi. This appears to just be open to the engine. I would use something more that straight...
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    Re: Trolling motor cuts off in higher speed

    Do you have an inline relay? Most electric motors do. At full load the motor may draw too many amps for the relay. It trips and then cools down and self resets. You may have a weak relay that needs...
  7. Re: Anyone familiar with Mercury's (VW) 4.2 TDI engines

    As with all electronic engines, you probably have to use a Mercury dealer mechanic for any issue with sensors and timing. Test equipment is probably proprietary. It's not a stock car engine with...
  8. Re: Every flange and joint in my boat has fine white crystals growing

    Probably galvanic corrosion with the salt water acting as the electrolyte. Your zincs need to be in contact will all the metal in your salt water system. For example, the engines should have zincs in...
  9. Thread: UK Spares

    by Lepke

    Re: UK Spares

    Try: https://www.ebay.co.uk
    Did a quick search, a few parts, kits and manuals. It changes all the time. Find someone that scraps engines. Usually they sell parts.
    Try this ship scrapper. The scrap...
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    Re: Can you make your own injector lines?

    If there is an industrial or farm version of the engine, then that would be a cheaper place to buy lines. Yes you can make new lines. The length isn't that critical. Think of the tube filled with a...
  11. Thread: green dieasel

    by Lepke

    Re: green dieasel

    The engine will run biodiesel. Detroit stopped building the 6-110 about 1965 and sold the parts, patterns and rights to https://www.wwwilliams.com/
    The engine was used heavily in the oil fields and...
  12. Re: 2002 Volvo penta GXI-D 5.7L cannot warm start

    Could be like vapor lock. Don't know your engine, but on other engines, I've seen fuel rails overheat when a hot engine is stopped and it causes the fuel to boil, forcing fuel into the return and...
  13. Re: Looking for a refurbishef Yanmar 2GM20 (F) (C)

    Try: https://www.dieselengines.co/diesel-engines/
    They rebuild and have used engines.
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    Re: engine stop solonoid keeps going bad

    Low voltage. In a lot of boat the 12v path to the solenoid is from the battery to the helm and back to the engine. If the path is long. the solenoid is probably not getting 12v. This causes the...
  15. Re: 671 engine, oil in coolant - diagnosis help request

    The heat exchanger is shared by raw water and coolant. In the event of a leak, coolant is under higher pressure than the raw water, so coolant would leak into the raw water. And It wouldn't put...
  16. Re: 671 engine, oil in coolant - diagnosis help request

    The heat exchanger is the usual cause. I'd call the shop and ask if they did a pressure test. Less likely is a cracked head/block, bad head gasket. But since you're also loosing coolant, it looks a...
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    Re: 3YM30 cuttiing out at sea

    Probably debris in the tank momentarily blocking the pickup. I doubt the exhaust being under water is the cause. Military and some yachts exhaust underwater to limit noise. Since it was just...
  18. Re: minnkota intermittently turns off on off on when in 4th or 5th gear

    I don't know your model, but the circuit breaker is easy to trip when running flat out for extended periods on some motors. I don't know where the circuit board is, I suppose inside the housing. But...
  19. Re: minnkota intermittently turns off on off on when in 4th or 5th gear

    Do you have a automatic circuit breaker in line? Also look at the circuit board for signs of burning or overheat.
  20. Re: HELP PLEASE!!! Purchasing New Boat Detroit 8V53

    I've used Detroits most of my life, about 60 years. They're the only engine of it's size I will use on the ocean. But good engines or not, you need to have a mechanical survey by a real Detroit...
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