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    Re: do get rid of oil pump or not

    unhooked mine havent had any issues previous replies are corect tho vro pumps have come along way usually run for at least ten years and it is kind of a hassle to mix fuel when your on a...
  2. timing sensor cover doesnt move freely

    92 johnson150 60 degree replaced optical sensor noticed sensor cover doesnt return back with just the spring pressure against it put light grease on it never had engine started yet ...
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    boat scrap yards

    does any one know of a good boat salvage place looking for ranger parts ladder ski pole replacement dash any info much appreciated thanks lonnie
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    ranger ladder

    i have a 1988 ranger 393v does any one know where i might be able to find a rear transom ladder to fit this boat preferably used curved tappered transom thanks lonnie
  5. Re: engine runs good and bad intermited problem

    thanks to all for their replay sorry about the delay in responding computer sever problems the problem is an origial one i have replaced all floats and set according to johnson service manual ...
  6. engine runs good and bad intermited problem

    92 johnson 150 starts runs for a while then dies wont start back up for about 5 mins then refires runs and dies again might due this several times or might run just fine rest of day never...
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    Re: Optical timing sesor

    thanks for the info i'll try the engine does slow before it dies sometimes but starts and runs again after about 5min if it turns out not to be fuel issue where can i find the ignition kit...
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    Optical timing sesor

    I have a 1992 J150 GLENC motor starts runs for awhiles than dies. Let it sit it will start up for awhile and than dies again. Or sometimes will run all day. Never sure what is actually going to do....
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