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  1. Re: 1993 115 4 cyl 2 stroke 2 shift dogs 2 years

    Someone is shifting this engine into reverse without the engine running, damaging the shift cam. This is a 3 jaw reverse clutch design which only exacerbates non engagement if dry shifted without the...
  2. Re: 1978 402 mercury outboard help water in carb

    Does your engine still have the water cooled fuel pump? Maybe there is some kind of breach in the pump housing allowing water to enter the fuel system. Disconnect the tell tale discharge line at the...
  3. Re: Stuck Throttle on 1939 Johnson HD39 Outboard

    I would remove the flywheel and see if the coil has melted and the goo has run over the side of the mag plate and stuck the plate. Also, a big problem down here in Florida is mud dobbers (wasps) have...
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    Re: 1987 mercury 35 hp reliability

    One problem that plagued these motors if they were over propped and lugged was that they would break or bend the crankshaft. The wobble would show up as excessive labyrinth seal wear (in the center...
  5. Re: Two very small round holes on lower unit (1975 Mercury 4.5hp)

    Be prepared for a pitted and rusty driveshaft at the seal area in the waterpump base. Don't order seals until you've done this inspection. Starting in 1976, Mercury finally committed to stainless...
  6. Re: 1989 Mercury Black Max 150hp ... Motor Trouble Question

    Sounds like fuel tank may not be venting properly, is the primer bulb going flat when the engine starts to act up? Try running with fuel tank fill cap cracked open and see if it helps, also try...
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    Re: Help with a discontinued part…

    Take the plug out and get the thread pitch and diameter measured at a local machine shop or find a retired machinist or toolmaker and find out what it is. It may be something that can be machined...
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    Re: 1966 Merc 350

    I just had to order one for a 1967 39 I'm working on. Yes, had to bite the bullet and spend the bucks to get a new one. Get the coils and condensers tested before buying new parts. (Both getting very...
  9. Re: Haswing trolling motor phone number in USA?

    What made you purchase a Chinese trolling motor as opposed to a Minn Kota or MotorGuide with extensive dealer networks throughout the US?
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    Re: Old School Merc Parts?

    Is your 350 a long shaft using a Bay Manufacturing extension housing with a driveshaft stub extension? What is your serial number?
  11. Re: 1996 7.4 Mercruiser 2 spark plug holes bridged over

    You're just looking for the static difference between a known "good cylinder" that is 160 psi and one of your suspect cylinders that is say 75 psi because of the gasket leak, "There's your sign"!
  12. Re: 1996 7.4 Mercruiser 2 spark plug holes bridged over

    Leaking head gasket between the 2 adjacent cylinders? What does a compression test show?
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    Re: 1991 115 shift question

    It should be able to shift from reverse to forward in about 180 degrees of rotation with some additional free rotation after it goes into forward gear so something is wrong. Did anyone by chance...
  14. Re: 9.9 Mariner Seeping Oily Residue Out Exhaust

    Quite normal, I have a 2000 9.9 Merc purchased new and its had a runny nose since it was new. Idle mixture and timing are correct and accurately mixed oil and gas. some have suggested that the seal...
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    Re: Late 70’s Mercury 200 20hp advice

    Put it in water and run it!!!
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    Re: Late 70’s Mercury 200 20hp advice

    Engine sounds perfect, run it!
  17. Re: Fuel line replacement on a 1969 800E 80HPe

    So if it's not correct, please provide the solution to his question... I think the powerhead needs to be raised or will the lower pan drop when it is unbolted from the cowl support framework? Answer...
  18. Re: Fuel line replacement on a 1969 800E 80HPe

    No help from the factory 1966-1974 Master service manual. The bottom pan that is giving you the interference challenge to gain access to the lower fuel pump is pretty much sandwiched between the...
  19. Re: Fuel line replacement on a 1969 800E 80HPe

    What about loosening the 3 screws that secure the lower fuel pump?, remove the pump and then remove the fuel line. I know someone on another site that makes the factory replacements with the same...
  20. Thread: Merc39

    by fitz73222

    Re: Merc39

    Removing the cowling while the engine is running particularly on this model is not recommended since there is a special technique to do it without the flywheel grinding away at the internals of the...
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