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  1. Re: 2014 Yamaha 115hp not enough amps to start motor

    Grab the rigging cable,(battery Cable) put it next to your ear and bend it. Does it crackle? Yes, the cable is bad. Common.
  2. Re: Upgrade an oldl B2 to a B3 duoprop

    The X dimension is different between the B2 and B3. Fix your drive. Simple repair.
  3. Re: Canít remove drain bolt or gear case oil screw on Honda 75HP

    Do not use a torch, no matter what.
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    Re: BF200A cutting out

    First thing to inspect. Where the rigging comes into the engine cowling, remove the hold down for the cables, fuel line, battery cables ect.. an look for corrosion that is pinching off the fuel line....
  5. Re: Voltage Regulator Rectifier

    I would use OEM or CDI. Not the cheapest one on the internet. Marineengine.com, where you are asking for advice, is where you should get your parts.
  6. Re: Voltage Regulator Rectifier

    Common issue. Replace it.
  7. Re: 671 TI Detroit dead spot in acceleration

    Is the name on this boat "Hold fast"?
  8. Re: 671 TI Detroit dead spot in acceleration

    Why do I feel like I know this boat. Can you post a picture?

    2X's on the injector rack.... Check boost, check linkage......
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    Re: Milkshake from BF130

    Pressure test it. You will see what is leaking.
  10. Re: Mercruiser 7.4 L Mpi L29 MISS FIRING in Bayliner 2855 Cierra

    The IAC goes open when running at cruise speed. So it should not cause a surge at cruise speed.
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    Re: 5.0 mpi unsteady idle

    Where did the last tech get the IAC? Automotive IAC will not work on this... I don't care what anyone tells you, the PWM% will be way to high with the auto parts store equivalent.

    Look for...
  12. Re: Mercruiser 7.4 L Mpi L29 MISS FIRING in Bayliner 2855 Cierra

    How about throwing a new set of plugs in and retesting. You cannot clean spark plugs. Chances are this is your issue. Doing all the other things on your list first is not how you go about it.
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    Re: 5.0 mpi unsteady idle

    Where did you purchase the new IAC from?

    Re-indexing the HVS(distributor) clears up a lot off issues with Idle on a 555 MPI.
  14. Re: Bravo III Stuck in Forward - but starting and driving fine?

    Find a good mechanic.
  15. Re: Oil Reservoir Puking Gear Oil

    Mercruiser has an updated Lube Monitor bottle for this issue. First, I would go through the drive and make sure it isn't eating itself. If everything looks good the bigger bottle will help with the...
  16. Re: 2004 crusader 6.0l gas engine in carver 360 mariner

    First thing you do with this engine after the fuel filters have been changed is replace the spark plugs making sure they are the OE recommended plugs. (Always the first thing.) Then retest.
  17. Re: Mercruiser 7.4 Starter Grinding

    If your the dist pick up is bad it will lock the engine up like the timing is at full advance.

    Put all the plugs in Pull the coil wire and ground it see if it cranks freely.

    I watched your...
  18. Re: Mercruiser 7.4 Starter Grinding

    Disconnect the coil and see if it crank with the starter.
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    Re: Install new switch key

    Your yellow w/Purple stripe started out life as a Yellow w/red stripe. This is the wire that feeds power to the start circuit.

    Your red wire from the switch panel is feeding power to the...
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    Re: How to raise my compression

    Start the engine. You were told wrong.
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