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  1. Re: Mercruiser 8.1L Coolant Reservoir Testing

    best thing to do is to measure the thread size on the reservoir and then look up the adapter.

    12026 is very likely to be it....but I've never tried in on an 8.1....
  2. Re: 1962 Chris Craft 283 rebuild. Oil filter canister change out.

    I agree with Bondo in that your choice may be dictated by the adapter/kit you use.

    I would keep the bypass valve if at all possible because it will only help....and really doesn't cause any...
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    Re: 95 Carver Mariner 330

    Good on you for sticking around until the problem was solved...

    Hopefully, you have a few notes in your maintenance logbook now...
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    Re: amateur mechanic learning as I go

    the 'by the book' reference applies to me as well....Dieter described the actual adjustment process.

    The factory manual say 1/4" deflection with moderate thumb pressure....the better answer (in...
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    Re: Chasing a misfire


    you can pull the alternator and take it to a shop to be tested....that will give you a place to start...
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    Re: non-mechanic learning OJT

    most serpentine belts have a tensioner to eliminate the slack...and most of those have indicators to tell you when the belt has stretched too far to where it can't maintain tension...manuals are...
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    Re: Chasing a misfire

    if the voltage is that low running, there is no charge leaving the alternator...could be alternator or harness or both. the ground cable usually runs from the alternator frame to the block.

    if the...
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    Re: Chasing a misfire

    1. yes, very possible - a volt meter will tell you if the alternator is producing sufficient voltage.
    2. yes, very possible as well...low voltage to the ECU will cause all kinds of erratic behaviors...
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    Re: Fuel Gauge and water exiting the engine

    If you want to spend your cash on a project, then go for it...that said, I would highly discourage you from doing it 'on the cheap'...they make marine grade plywood for a reason....and pressure...
  10. Re: Crusader 305XL unplugged harness connectors

    not really, PUR is for the ignition (primary side).

    PUR/WHT - in the early MEFI harnesses - is for one of the distributor connections between the ECU and the EST module.

    There were a LOT of...
  11. Re: Crusader 454XL-TB Starting/running problem

    The fuel flow is a calculated value, not measured, so take it with a grain.

    What you described this time around is a hard restart once warm, with a short soak time....

    On the anti-syphon...
  12. Re: Crusader 454XL-TB Starting/running problem

    is the fuel pressure steady when the issue occurs - the ECU doesn't monitor it - ?

    Have you checked the cap and rotor to ensure they are in good shape?

    may also try swapping the ignition coils...
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    Re: 1994 Mercury Mariner 3 cylinder

    FWIW, you will get better results posting in the Mercury/Mariner section for your outboard.

    without knowing the details, I'd say your engine is in serviceable shape...the key factor is minimal...
  14. Re: Mercruiser 8.2L 2015 HO - Hard starting issue

    it depends...36 PSI +/- 2 for the older ones and 43 PSI +/- 2 for the new ones (MEFI-3)
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    Re: engine dies if you put into gear too fast

    get a new mechanic....seriously...

    Have anyone assessed the overall health of the engine?

    If that has been done and is viable, I'd make sure the ignition timing advances 'per the manual'...
  16. Re: Stainless Steel Fuel Tank - rusty filler neck

    The only other thing you could do is to do a low pressure leak test, if you have a well controlled source of air...3 PSIG is typically used for small tanks.
  17. Re: Stainless Steel Fuel Tank - rusty filler neck

    Looking at the pictures, I'd suspect the tank is not made from stainless steel.

    As far as the filler neck goes, I'd be more concerned about what the inside of the tank looks like. a 'few rust...
  18. Re: Crusader 454 Exhaust Manifolds Replace or Not?

    Its a pressurized system that operates below 212 deg F and the EG lowers the specific heat....so the choice is what he wants to optimize to...

    on the tabs, yes, for the most part, "UP" is the...
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    Re: New to me 1953 Elgin 2hp

    you can use the plugs to check for spark (uninstalled)....not a good as a spark tester but better than what you have...just make sure the plug's shell is grounded.

    you can buy a compression tester...
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    Re: 2004 vp 5.7 gi-d 3869220. 4012091342

    i would start by pulling a couple of plug wires and make sure the spark is getting to the plugs....a clip on timing light is a viable alternative.

    If the spark is good, make sure there is fuel in...
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