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  1. Re: 350 Mercruiser straight inboard overheating

    are the exhaust elbows in decent shape?
  2. Re: 2003 Crusader V8 Fuel Injected engine sputtering when hitting waves and turning

    your boat has accumulated over 20 years of 'aging'...so it could very likely be a marginal electrical connections.

    I'd be inclined to start with the relays...and then the ignition switch...many...
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    Re: Remove/Bypass Heat Exhanger

    Like Bondo suggests, its more of a modification than a 'by-pass'
  4. Re: Crusader 454 xli no fuel pump power - looking for some diagnostic help

    You can check the MEFI manual to be sure but i think that cranking and running are two different states for the ECU to be controlling the fuel pump...the cranking is the nominal two second prime mode...
  5. Re: Sherwood crank mounted pumps compared to Johnson

    I don't prefer the crank pumps and don't have a lot of first hand experience beyond servicing them for others.

    if they don't run true then it has to impact their service life...

    As far as 'fit'...
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    Re: 1998 Crusader 454 XLi dies after running

    i can't remember which relay is located where...it can't hurt to change the relay out...

    The two seconds of fuel pump ON time is normal as you stated...the pressure should remain in the rail when...
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    Re: oil samples with positive for glycol

    it just means zero soot measured in the oil...I'd seriously doubt you'd see 100% combustion...

    I'd be a bit leery but not knowing the details of the engine (hours, time since last change,etc) or...
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    Re: Borgwarner v drive

    duplicate deleted
  9. Re: 8.1 overheated and aborted trip (for now)

    bob: bummer on the overheat. Glad you got it fixed.

    FWIW, it could have well been a bag on the pickup scoop...depending on how well the impeller was made and how long it ran dry, it could have...
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    Re: 2003 5.7gxi stalls when cold

    I don't know about that particular engine but the MEFI-4 5.7l's are somewhat sensitive to the cam retard parameter (43-47 degrees). If outside of that range, GM will tell you that you'll experience...
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    Re: Reconditioning vintage gas tank

    I would REPLACE all of the soft parts, clean the hard parts, and then reassemble the hose portion after the tank is cleaned...

    How to do it - I'd be inclined to flush it out as best as you can and...
  12. Re: Winch post. New trailer and not sure on winch post

    Looks to me like the post you have is too tall. Back when I worked at the shop, we always made the adjustments so that the top of the winch's drum was about level with the bow eye on the boat. If it...
  13. Re: Best option for replacing tilt trim switch button?

    I'd say option 3 would be the fastest, followed by option 2. if you want to try that path, check with the local community college(s) and or tech schools in your area...lots of time, they are looking...
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    Re: Hard to start '58 Elgin

    Assuming things were reassembled as they should, I'd think there's not enough fuel flowing from the idle port...
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    Re: Crusader MP 8.1L 385 HP (2004)

    The delco OEM plugs or NGK iridium plugs should work fine.

    As far as the wires, you can get the OEM set for under $100...you can shop around and probably get the Delco set for about half that.
  16. Re: 350 crusaders possibly clutch plates welded together

    the velvet drives take dexron III ATF...and the v-drives, depends upon the brand you have...Walters can use SAE 30 motor oil or APG80 gear oil...Crusader V-drives take 80w-90 gear oil...

    It would...
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    Re: Clinton J9 resurrection

    Agreed on the heat math...and bummer on the water tube's history.

    Hold on to that tank...you want be happy with the modern 'replacements'...and I believe I read 16:1 for the oil gas/fuel ratio.
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    Re: Mercury 60 not reaching full stop

    Its likely you will never get to the mechanical stop on each side...check the total stroke that the cable provides and then compare that to the left - right extent that the steering arm sweeps when...
  19. Re: Eastwood High Temp Internal Exhaust Coating

    I don't think it will 'improve' anything...like Lepke stated, the best way to minimize any rust formation is to use the engine frequently...

    I'm certain it has some ceramic base so it will have...
  20. Re: 350 crusaders possibly clutch plates welded together

    If the fwd clutch plates are warped (more likely than welded) the shaft will usually rotate in fwd when the gear is in neutral...if that's the case, not only should the clutch parts get replaced but...
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