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  1. Re: Re-powering a 1964 Shepperd 26 foot cruiser

    If you visit your local Mercruiser dealer, they can set you up with the proper power and offer attractive financing that makes a repower less painful. While putting a random milk truck engine in may...
  2. Re: Mercury 4.3 alpha 1 drive stalls during excelleratipn

    Some but I shouldn't think such a small adjust will cure the problem. I bet there's more to it.
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    Re: Need to replace flywheel in V8 5.7L 1989

    If going to the trouble of removing it, why bother tryna save a buck by using the old part? Chances are good the OP will have to drill and chisel split the old one anyway.
  4. Re: Engine mount support on a '85 Peterborough Monza Runabout-Need Help!

    The wood shouldn't be considered part of the hull structure. Rather, it is a form over which sufficient glass and resin is laid in order to make a strong platform. Clearly the original bad hull...
  5. Re: 2000 7.4 MPI Throttle Body Gasket. Why 2 types?

    If you're using automotive parts and not the original marine parts, well, you're on your own there.
  6. Thread: tamd60b

    by o2batsea

    Re: tamd60b

    226.9 hp
  7. Re: 8.1 overheated and aborted trip (for now)

    I think due to the quick spike that you have a blockage somewhere. Pull all the hoses and check each one.
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    Re: Crusader MP 8.1L 385 HP (2004)

    The MSD wire sets are only $300. Not saying they're better than OEM, but MSD has a good reputation for quality. With the OEM ones being about $200 more, you gotta think these would be a good...
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    Re: 1995 7.4 Merc KNOCK

    Def need to have this resolved by the engine supplier.
  10. Re: 350 crusaders possibly clutch plates welded together

    If you have V drives, I seem to recall they get 90 gear oil.
  11. Re: Eastwood High Temp Internal Exhaust Coating

    The rust formed by not being used, not by using it
  12. Re: 350 crusaders possibly clutch plates welded together

    You likely have Velvet Drive transmissions coupled to Walter V drives. You should start by checking the level of transmission fluid (Dexron) in the transmission as it is hydraulically controlled. If...
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    Re: Partially Submerged Engine

    When a boat sinks, you must replace all the wiring and plumbing. The engine must immediately be attended to. Get all the water out. Get it started to heat it up. I assume it's a 2 stroke, so running...
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    Re: Maxum 1900sr whale tail vs trim tabs

    What are you hoping to achieve with either? Mercruiser will void your warranty if you install those whale tail things on the drive, so that tells you sumpthin.
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    Re: Home Shore Power, no power

    There shouldn't be any voltage drop with AC. It's likely you have bad connection somewhere. You can use extension cords but use the heavy duty ones that are rated (UL) for outdoor use. They make...
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    Re: Mag 350 idleing issues

    Poor idling is sometimes a vacuum leak. Be sure all the vacuum and other manifold hoses are in good shape with no cracks or splits. This means at idle, it is getting too much unmeasured air into the...
  17. Re: 1996 7.4 Mercruiser 2 spark plug holes bridged over

    Before you do anything, you need to pressure test the block, have a leak-down test and a compression check. If it passes all that, then move forward with pulling heads.
  18. Re: 1996 7.4 Mercruiser 2 spark plug holes bridged over

    Yeh it's a bugger not to have the boat in working order. Express style cruisers tend to put the premium on plushness and not so much on the mundane aspects like being able to get to the back of the...
  19. Re: 1996 7.4 Mercruiser 2 spark plug holes bridged over

    You don't say what boat but some of them have a way of removing the entire cockpit deck as one piece (after you undo a bunch of fittings) which allows for removing the engine. Since you're already...
  20. Re: 1996 7.4 Mercruiser 2 spark plug holes bridged over

    If you want my diagnosis, at some time in the past the engine was full of water. Someone tried to revive it by simply draining the water and running it with oil changes. Then it sat. Who knows how...
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