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  1. Re: High humidity inside cabin - 330 Searay

    I found the port lights leaking. Had to remove and rebed. No more leaks. Lots of silicon on hulk to clean up.
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    Re: Headliner Cleaning

    If the headliner is sunbrella, use 1/3 denatured alcohol and 2/3 distilled water. Spray on and use a brush to clean. Clean the brush often.
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    Upholstery mildew stains

    I have several mildew stains on my upholstery. Star brite will not clean. Upholstery use to look new for 18 years until a canopy leak. Color is off white. Any recommendations?
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    Bomar portlight gasket

    Where is the best place to get new Bomar Portlight gasket? Searching the nets, it appears molded gaskets have been replaced with extruded gaskets. How are the gasket ends glued, mended, etc....
  5. Re: Weird Charging system issue, Im stumped

    Altenator may be bad and all power is supplied from your new battery. The battery is being drained over time with not out bieng charged by the alt. An alt getting hot is not because it is still...
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    Re: reverse polarity

    Alternator is probably fried creating issues in other circuits. Check this and the starter. Blower motor is probably fine. Gauges and lights are probably good. Coil should be good. Don't know...
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    Jabsco searech light bulb

    I have a Jabsoc search light bulb looking to replace. It is a GE three prong bulb. Has a number of 119 M on the bulb. Cannot find a replacement. Does anyone have information where to purchase...
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    Marine Horn

    Any difference in life, performance, etc with an electric horn versus an air horn. Found a dual 12 volt stainless horn at 115 db. Electric is easier to install, but don't want to have to do it...
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    Re: Mercruiser Starter Questions

    Go on ebay and put in Marine starter, the engine size, make and year. Wide variety. Make sure you put Marine and cheaper isn't always better.
  10. Re: High humidity inside cabin - 330 Searay

    The HVAC is a Dometic unit. I question if the programing is correct or the unit is faulty. I will run the test program to test the functionality of each featue.
  11. High humidity inside cabin - 330 Searay

    I replaced my HVAC system 4 years ago due to a lightning strike. Replaced with same but new unit. This past year I keep cleaning mildew inside the cabin. Today inside the cabin in the morning,...
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    Re: 7.4 L intake manifolds keep rusting

    Thanks for all the feedback. The engines are fine and are prop'ed properly. The rust is cosmetic. I am very peticular about the appearance of my engine and compartment. I have some rust in othere...
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    7.4 L intake manifolds keep rusting

    My intake manifolds rust of both sides of the carb mid center of the manifolds on both engines. They are stock. What can be done to stop the rust? I have 4 bbl weber carbs.
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    Rub strip chaulk bead wears off

    What is a good chaulk to use on my hull to seal the top of the rub strip, exhaust facial's etc? Silicone wear off after a while, chaulk turn black. Don't know what to use.
  15. Smoke/steam exhausting from starboard engine

    I have twin 454 screws. The port enigne exhaust water as what appears normal. The starboard engine exhaust water and either steam or exhaust. The temp guauge shows 170 F on each engine. The water...
  16. 9.9 HP gamefisher/Force ingintion problem

    Started engine this year in the spring. started fine, then sputtered and died. Can not restart. Rebuilt carb. Have spark, replaced plugs, tried starting fluid. Nothing works. Right arm now needs...
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    Kohler generator drip pan

    My drip pan has rotted out. Looking to find dimensions to make a pan out of fiber glass. Where can I find the demisions? The manual does not have the dimensions for the dampener locations.
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    Re: Run problems

    What type of gas do you buy and do you have electric or mechanical pumps?
  19. Want to clean canvas part but don't know what it's called

    My black Sunbrella canvas is stitched to a heavy white material with the plastic part that slides into the groove piece mounted to the radar arch. what is this piece called and how do you clean the...
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    9.9 HP won't start

    Have a 9.9 game fisher that will not start. Have spark, rebuilt the carb, use starter fluid, only back fires occasionally. What's next besides tying an anchor rope to it?
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