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    Re: Oil cooler O-rings not sealing

    For every one else-All of those pesky "o" rings either on the flared pipes or oil coolers work best when put on CLEAN surfaces with axel grease. No sealer, no silicone. If you bent something to get...
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    Re: Need magneto for 7.5hp ted williams

    That is the solid state- the mag has an open set of points and open to the world condenser.
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    Re: 1975 Ted Williams 7.5hp #217.585910 help

    If you are running off a remote tank, you must close the top tank off so it will not suck air. I replaced my fuel lines with clear for just awhile ( because it gets hard and cracks) just to look for...
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    Re: 5.5 ted williams fuel hose connection

    It is also a small motor Chrysler fuel fitting. Sierria should have one. They are repairable with an "O" ring, but most leak from the fuel line, not the engine side.
  5. Re: my honda 10 outboard runs fine in gear but keeps cutting out when put in idle

    If you feel lucky? I have fixed this by gently seating the idle mixture screw and readjusting. Then have reved to 1500 rpm and completely blocked the intake to "vacuum" the jets and galleys of the...
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    Re: B100L ignition

    The same was happening to our motors (with a million hours on them) was the cam belt would stretch as little as 1/2 tooth and cause the bottom plug to waste away.
  7. Re: Another question for jgmo and the guys about the BF100 shift shaft

    I used to do this to 14 motors every fall. All that is good advice. But if I got a real sticky one- 2 nuts and the carb was out of the way. then there was room to burn. If you drop the cross pin or...
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    Re: Honda BF100 CDI

    That was a rock solid piece- have you checked the charge coil. Those went bad 3 times as often. Find the 2 wires off the charge coil and hook a meter to them- remove the spark plugs for a faster pull...
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    Re: Honda BF100L compression

    Got to agree with Hondadude- Never had any luck with platinum plugs- I serviced all the honda rental motors from Lake Siskiyou Resort for almost 10 years and none of them got new plugs for the 5...
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    Re: cavitation issue

    If your alarm is going off at idle and on the hose, I would look at the spark plugs after a short run on the hose. You may have a blown head gasket. See if you have any water drops on a plug, and...
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    Re: Swapping parts around...

    Believe your 105 had a belt drive with the black amp box on 3 rubber lord mounts. The 85 should have the big side plate with 4 coils and triggers under the fly wheel. When you get the flywheel off -...
  12. Re: Chrysler 45 intermittent power loss! (and suzuki 140)

    Both engines? sounds like water in the gas- filled at the same marina did we? Loosen the carb bowl retaining nut and catch the dribble on a plate. Bet there is water in there some where. After...
  13. Re: Whats a reasonable charge to clean carbs?

    Simple test is to pump up the carbs then remove the out let line on the pump and put on a long line and into a glass jar and fire it up. If you get lots of fuel it might be something else- No fuel...
  14. Re: need to purchase a needle and parts for my Clinton K500 carburetor

    You may end up at the lawnmower repair place. That carb was used on many lawnmower and garden equipment. Also watch for the gasket which sometimes went inside the carb bowl between the bowel and the...
  15. Re: Clinton 5HP Model K500 3106 B Can anyone help me with how to run my fuel lines on these?

    Your fuel line from the tank and shut off valve (which must be closed when running on the remote tank) go to the back facing barb on the carb. The remote tank hose goes to the front facing barb on...
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    "unless the engine is running,

    "unless the engine is running, the wire wound bendix type of trans will slip. If the power head will only come up a little, you have a stuck drive shaft. Don't force it ---yet--- as you may damage...
  17. "Sounds like your idle is work

    "Sounds like your idle is working, so look under the carb for the nut, and adjuster that holds the float bowl on. Open it up 1/4 turn and try again. If it has no adjuster, you have a fixed jet and...
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    "Sure- all I need is an e-mail

    "Sure- all I need is an e-mail. And you go to Picasa photo web site and down load it. That way no virus or BS. It is a draft with some crib notes and a few pages up-side down, but I will get the...
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    "Sounds like your needle and s

    "Sounds like your needle and seats are stuck. This is a very simple carb to work on -it's been referred to as a tin can with a hole in the bottom. Let starters sit till cool to the touch. When you go...
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    That same flywheel was used in

    That same flywheel was used in many models. Try "twincities outboard salvage" they should have what you are looking for. I've even switched out the ring gears- but first you need to find one.
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