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  1. Re: 2002 225 mercury 225 optimax oil question

    Use the Quicksilver DFI oil only.
  2. Re: 2002 225 mercury 225 optimax clear codes .

    No need to erase the code if the condition that set the code has been corrected.
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    Re: 250hp cranking

    Grab a hold of the Yamaha battery cables, put them next to your ear and bend them. If you hear a crackling sound when you bend them, your cables need to be replaced.

    When the cables get like this...
  4. Re: what do I do before cranking up a 115 opti that was sitting a while

    DO NOT USE SEAFOAM ON YOUR FUEL INJECTED ENGINE! You will ruin the injectors.
  5. Re: flushing bravo gen V stern drive

    Buy the Quicksilver flush kit, install it and be done.

    The Bravo pump has a hard time pulling water from a garden hose. You need two people, one to start and race the engine while the other holds...
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    Re: Synthetic tc-w3

    What does your Mechanic know? Always good to ask around until you get the answer you want to hear.
  7. Re: Could water ears flood a mercruiser v8 if engine not running ?

    The Simple answer is "No". The garden hose will not fill your engine with water no matter what condition you raw water pump is in.
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    Re: compression reading

    A healthy engine, Vortec or not should be around 150psi... 130 psi is starting to show wear but still acceptable. To really know the health of your engine, perform a leak down test...

    IMO this...
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    Re: 7.4 MPI 454 Block swap

    Better to shop a good used 496 MAG and replace the 7.4 with a good engine.
  10. Re: 2000 5.0 TBI Won't Start Without Throttle

    IAC may need to be replaced.
  11. Re: 1996 E-tec 200 floods too easy

    This is a carbed engine in 1996. squeeze the fuel primer, does it get hard and stay hard with the engine off? No? Pull the pulse limiter line and squeeze the primer, does fuel pour out of the pulse...
  12. Re: Help diagnose Bravo 1, Neutral and Reverse work, forward does not

    Again this is not a Volvo... Clutch is not Bronze. No Lapping.

  13. Re: Help diagnose Bravo 1, Neutral and Reverse work, forward does not

    Well, just flipping the clutch is what I have done in the past, not the gears too. As for adjusting the cable, I suggest you get the tools to set that cable up correctly before you damage the ramp.
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    Re: Prop shaft movement

    No play in a 5.44 gear case. Get another mechanic to look at it before you cause $$$$ damage.
  15. Re: Help diagnose Bravo 1, Neutral and Reverse work, forward does not

    The shiny area on the clutch is wear. Flipping the clutch over will give you drive and you will lose reverse. Sanding the clutch will ruin it further. Replacement is the only fix. You can still find...
  16. Re: Help diagnose Bravo 1, Neutral and Reverse work, forward does not

    There is no repair for this besides changing the cone clutch. This is not a Volvo drive.
  17. Re: Mercruiser 3.0 uneven compression

    A Leak down test will tell you where the leak is.
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    Re: cleaning dfi injectorrs?

    Send them to a shop that cleans injectors, before you ruin them. They are $400.00 + each to replace.
  19. Re: Seawater cooled water flow question

    They go to the block drain positions. They are quick connectors.
  20. Re: Help diagnose Bravo 1, Neutral and Reverse work, forward does not

    Pull the cable off the shift plate from the control box and shift it manually, No drive? Need a cone clutch... Find a good used drive. They go for around $1500.00 Volvo tips will not work on the...
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