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  1. Re: Should engine compression kill the deal

    yeh i was thinking the same thing about tryna push that thing around with only what, 600 horses
  2. Re: Should engine compression kill the deal

    The mere fact that you're asking says it all. I would first advise that you get a qualified marine surveyor to look it over. He or she will hand you a report that gives you an objective picture of...
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    Re: gimbal bearing

    If you have it apart, go ahead with doing all the seals including the ones on the upper steering shaft.
  4. Re: Tight steering on Mercruiser v8 Alpha with power assist

    The cable housing is lined with a slippery plastic like teflon, so binding of the inner cable is probably from some kind of corrosion I should think. If that's the case I would just replace the cable...
  5. Re: RPM limits for operating -4.3 Alpha 1, Gen 1

    It's an art not a science. What works on your boat may not work on your buddy's boat who has the same kind as you. As you see, testing a variety of propellers is the only way to get the results u...
  6. Re: Looking for engine machine shop near Annapolis, Maryland

    Ha ha ha ha ha! I don't mean to seem like I am making fun of you but the sad reality is that all machine shops in the DMV are fully booked for at least a year out. Everyone has put their toys in the...
  7. Re: Tight steering on Mercruiser v8 Alpha with power assist

    Seems to me that a new steering cable is in order.
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    Re: 1989 Crusader 454 Help

    This just me but it would seem that the engines are in fairly good health. I will assume there's no marine growth on the props, running gear and hull. Trim tabs retracted. Tiaras are heavy. With twin...
  9. Re: Water coming out thread on water pump assembly

    I think tho that you want to drain the engine a bit more.
  10. Re: Fuel Gauge and water exiting the engine

    Tank sender may be faulty. Easy to install a new one. The more concerning issue is your rotten transom. You should think long and hard about whether you want to spend the several thousand dollars to...
  11. Re: Water coming out thread on water pump assembly

    Normal. Bolt goes into water jacket.
  12. Re: 88 Nova II Port engine dies after running about 30-40 min

    My instinct would tell me to investigate the fuel supply. It starts and runs fine, so it's probably not ignition. It might just be running out of gas. Mud wasp clogging the tank vent? That can do it....
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    Re: Alignment Tool

    If the engine supports collapsed, then the entire structure of the hull is suspect including the transom. You can actually use cardboard boxes to make the stringer forms. These will be built up with...
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    Re: Alignment Tool

    PS the old Carver Mariner I tried to restore had this very problem. The stringers were 2x12 lumberyard pine or some crap and they covered those with only two layers of roving. In addition, limber...
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    Re: Alignment Tool

    Stringers shouldn't collapse. Too many times manufacturers depend on the wood to do the work when the wood is merely a form for creating a rigid beam built up of layers of glass cloth and resin....
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    Re: Bracket of sea water pump

    Now you need a stud extractor ha ha ha
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    Re: Engine replacement and marinization

    You want the truck block. Car block has thinner walls and less webbing. Most Nautiques I ever saw had the 302, but yours may be different. A complete remanufactured marine engine is the least...
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    Re: Mercruiser 496 Mag Maintanance

    I have to disagree Chris. If the engine is sporting 17 year old rubber, I'd swap it for new. That and the old hose clamps which are probably seized up. New AWAB ones for sure. I'm just that way tho.
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    Re: ye ol 671 is smoking white when cold

    On diesels, generally speaking, white smoke equals water/coolant. Grey smoke is normal, black smoke is incomplete combustion and blue smoke indicates engine oil.
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    Re: prop sizing 6.2L Merc DuoProp

    I guess that you are on protected waters that don't get big sea conditions. When you're slugging it out with 6-8 footers into a headwind, you don't want a prop with a ton of pitch, you want one with...
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