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  1. Re: I Overheated and think i fixed everything - any recommendations

    Thank you both. Glad to know i dont have to pull those pipes apart to see if anything is clogged.

    I also found a service bulliten for these flappers that VPenta suggests to remove them if you...
  2. Re: anyone ever do prop seals on a dp'sm v/p drive?

    I looked into doing this myself as well. The props need a special tool, which is easy to fabricate from a pipe, but the problem comes from the thrust ring. I havent found a way to fabricate one for...
  3. I Overheated and think i fixed everything - any recommendations

    I have a Volvo penta I/O 5.0GiPEFS and DP-SM stern drive.
    I overheated and fried a bunch things. i changed impeller, exhaust boots (upper and lower), cleaned and refinished exhuast down pipes, and...
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    Volvo Penta Duo Prop tool

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the Volvo Penta Duo Prop Tool Volvo Tool - P/N 3855876 (this is specific to the front prop)

    Not to be a cheapo but it seems simple enough to make. OEM is $150...
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    What do high and low Fuel pumps do?

    I have a VP 5.0Gi PEFS engine that wont go past 3000 rpm under load. (easily does it in Neutral).

    I dont know exactly what the High pressure and low pressure fuel pumps do and am thinking it may...
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    5.0 GI PEFS throttle issue

    I have a 2002 VP 5.0GIPEFS that used to push my Seaswirl Striper 2601 around 29/30MPH at 3500 rpm. Now im topping out at about 23mph and have trouble getting the rpms back up to 3500. It likes to...
  7. bad Vibration from Stern on DP-SM at certain trim

    I have a 2002 2601 Stiper with VolvoPenta 5.0Gi PEFS engine with a DP-SM drive. I bought it used 2 years ago and its been running as expected (good and consistent, but with headaches that i fix along...
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