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  1. Re: Volvo 5.0gxi-d. tps stalls engine

    You can check your TPS with a DVOM. should be around .5 volts at idle and go up smoothly to 4.5 volts at WOT. Make sure the base idle screw was not turned on the throttle plate. Look for the stop on...
  2. Re: Merc 140 HP 4 cyl Alpha Drive Stalling Issue

    How old is the ignition coil?
  3. Re: ‘01 Honda 130 hp…… Known issues?

    All you need to look at to condemn this bf130 is the port side of the engine block where the head attaches. How much head gasket is sticking (pushed) out?

    You cannot miss it.
  4. Re: Pulling exhaust manifold while boat is still in the water?

    You can remove the manifold while the boat is floating.
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    Re: Merc 260 issues

    Me personally, I would pull the dip tube and anti siphon valve from the tank and take a good look.
  6. Re: Mercruiser VesselView4 - Low Voltage Warning

    You will be checking the 5v reference circuits when you get your scan tool.... (Power1 and Power 2)
  7. Re: Yamaha LZ150 HPDI Runs only when Key held in the start position.

    That is the plan, I will be hauling it and blocking it on Monday for easier access.
  8. Re: Yamaha LZ150 HPDI Runs only when Key held in the start position.

    Problem not solved with remote key switch..........
    At this time of the year I have a stack of boats to service and not much time to dig into this engine harness/ecm, hoping someone would give me a...
  9. Re: Engine swapping compatibility?

    You will not save fuel by downsizing your engine, you will burn more.
  10. Yamaha LZ150 HPDI Runs only when Key held in the start position.

    LZ150 only runs when key held in the start position, engine dies when key released to the run. Nothing wrong with the key switch. I divorced the engine from the boat harness and used a remote key...
  11. Re: looking for measurements for v/p sx-a trim pistons

    They have different degrees of tilt as to not damage a swim platform.



    32 DEG. TILT 20 13/16" FULLY EXTENDED
  12. Re: looking for measurements for v/p sx-a trim pistons

    There are 3 different trim pistons for the VP SX-A..... 32 degree 42degree and a full tilt 52 degree.
  13. Re: Loss of rpm on 5 liter mercruiser

    Here is an over looked issue..... How much oil is in the crank case?
  14. Re: 2001 Yamaha 130 2 stroke - hard to start

    If the engine idles once started and runs as it should, the carbs are fine. Hard starting on an V4 Yamaha two stroke with a mechanical choke is usually a bad fuel pump(leaking into the crank case),...
  15. Re: 2014 Yamaha 115hp not enough amps to start motor

    Grab the rigging cable,(battery Cable) put it next to your ear and bend it. Does it crackle? Yes, the cable is bad. Common.
  16. Re: Upgrade an oldl B2 to a B3 duoprop

    The X dimension is different between the B2 and B3. Fix your drive. Simple repair.
  17. Re: Can’t remove drain bolt or gear case oil screw on Honda 75HP

    Do not use a torch, no matter what.
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    Re: BF200A cutting out

    First thing to inspect. Where the rigging comes into the engine cowling, remove the hold down for the cables, fuel line, battery cables ect.. an look for corrosion that is pinching off the fuel line....
  19. Re: Voltage Regulator Rectifier

    I would use OEM or CDI. Not the cheapest one on the internet. Marineengine.com, where you are asking for advice, is where you should get your parts.
  20. Re: Voltage Regulator Rectifier

    Common issue. Replace it.
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