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    Re: Bravo3 XR question

    Mercury with a extremely small division of Mercruiser, will not be redesigning the Alpha drive for a cone clutch.... The whole Sterndrive market is shrinking. Why do you think Volvo Penta now has...
  2. Re: 4.3L Water Temperature Senders

    Make sure you have the grounding gasket in the t-stat housing or neither the alarm or sender will function correctly.
  3. Re: 95 Mercruiser 350 Magnum Tournament Ski engine oil

    Oh No... Make sure you save that $11.00
  4. Re: Spark issues, and other questions.

    You want more HP and a Jet pump These are $$$ upgrades, but you don't want to spend $ on a needed stator? Is this a joke?
  5. Re: 2007 Mercury 150 EFI no fuel pressure

    The seal on the pump is cocked in the VST lid and or the regulator has failed.
  6. Re: Volvo 5.7 gxi version 4mfi dies at higher fuel flow.

    The RF from a bad cap will scramble the MEFI computer and make the engine do strange things.... The Coil is another culprit.
  7. Re: Volvo 5.7 gxi version 4mfi dies at higher fuel flow.

    You can use a Quicksilver cap and rotor.... Aftermarket will be aluminum and not brass.

    What code reader are you using?
  8. Re: Merc Monitor Fuel Connection - Killing Me!

    Fuel sender signal wire gets hooked to the pink/black wire in the plug on the engine. You must ground the sender to the engine block for error free operation.
  9. Re: Volvo 5.7 gxi version 4mfi dies at higher fuel flow.

    Replace the cap and rotor... If the cap is leaking it will cause all kinds of unexplained issues... Had one this summer... Ran good until it hit 3k rpm.... Needed a magnifying glass to see the leak...
  10. Re: Volvo 5.7 gxi version 4mfi dies at higher fuel flow.

    Don't laugh, did you change the dist cap?
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    Re: FiTech TB Carb

    Yes the O2 plate and coolant sensor have to go.... Problem is Fitech does not go to closed loop until the engine hits 170 degrees... I ran a Fitech 1200 PA on my prostreet SBC... It failed two ECM's...
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    Re: FiTech TB Carb

    Fitech is junk.
  13. Re: Seawater in closed coolant circuit. 2003 5.7 Carb Bravo

    Pull the caps on the heat exchanger and pressure test the system. You will see what is leaking.
  14. Re: 2002 Merc 115 HP ELPTO 2+2 LOWER RPM & IDLE ISSUES

    Get the factory manual. Read the link and sync procedure over and over again until you understand it completely and can almost recite it word for word... Then follow the manual and perform it on your...
  15. Re: Mercruiser over prop overheat?

    I would look at the water neck on the transom assembly. They corrode and restrict water flow causing a high speed over heat. 19 pitch is not too big for a 5.0MPI B3
  16. Re: Honda BF 130 - Have been Debugging Issue for weeks and need some help

    Simple test for condemning your BF130.... How much of the head gasket is showing (pushed out) on the port side of the engine?
  17. Re: Off the Hook Yacht Services - Now Hiring!

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    Re: Weird!

    Maybe the crappy BR6FS/MR43T spark plugs need to be changed..... They have a short life.
  19. Re: Distributor gear worn in strange manner?

    Or does the shaft have side movement in the dist housing? The movement will only be in one spot.
  20. Re: Any OX66 gurus around? Got an idle issue

    Clean the O2 sensor and port.
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