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  1. Re: just bought a 1982 Galaxy Open-Bow with a mercruiser 470

    if everything is there that ole 470 ai'nt a bad motor . the midget racers used to use'um on dirt tracks. the cylinder head is 460 v-8 ford so some hotrod guys would use the 429 cobrajet head for more...
  2. Replies

    Re: MSD Ignition on big blocks

    ok -- well --- my experience with big blocks is only with high compression and musclecars and i know that afier runn'in the gut a few times ya needed to head out of town to blow the cobs out of them...
  3. Re: Marine Power 7.4 Liter will not stay running.

    quadrajet carbs are known to be leakers . after a while of sitting they just loose all the fuel out of the floatbowels and then when ya go to start them they fire up initally and then die - and until...
  4. Replies

    MSD Ignition on big blocks

    Has anyone had the opportunity to try the MSD products on big block powered heavy (36000 lb) yachts ? I was just wondering how the multi-spark might help out because of the low rpms these boats...
  5. Replies

    Re: 502 EFI Falls on its face

    Maybe the fuel pickup is getting clogged . The crud falls away into suspension for a while then after some runtime it plugs up . After sitting for a spell the crud falls back into suspension again ....
  6. Replies

    Outdrive Boot

    ON the large lake style houseboats ; you know - the 70 footers and bigger --- how often do they have to change the boot or bellows or whatever it is they call that big hunk of rubber that separates...
  7. Replies

    Re: engine ID and specs

    so -- a standard V-belt Crusader would be a Gen V engine ? What is the undesirable thing about this engine ? Is it a thinwall casting or something worse ? Is the Vortec 8100 a better choice ? the...
  8. Replies

    Re: A worn cam lobe can cause a co

    bobby c is right about the flat lobes and chevrolet did have a problem with this in the early 80s - but any engine that runs at low rpms (like idling) stands a chance of loosing a lobe or 2 . the use...
  9. Replies

    engine ID and specs

    I'm looking at a 1999 50 foot Bluewater with Multi port 502's rated at 400 hp . How do I tell the difference between a gen vi - v and iv engine ? Do the engines used by the builder always reflect the...
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