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  1. Glad you found it...make sure

    Glad you found it...make sure you note the details in your log so you may fix it faster next time these symptoms recur.
  2. "Don't get a flare nut wre

    "Don't get a flare nut wrench, get a snap-on one. They make a variant of a combination wrench; the flare nut end takes the place of the box. that's the one I prefer. I've never seen a flare nut...
  3. "Tom: Those are called "


    Those are called "inverted flare", not compression fittings. I'd incourage you to find a snap-on truck and buy a 5/8" "flare nut wrench". they aren't cheap but do just what is required....
  4. "Tom: On the compression nu


    On the compression numbers, they may be a bit low from OEM but hard to tell without knowing who's pistons were put back in. To be honest, I've only seen one block that was bored to +0.010....
  5. "Tom: In addition to Dave&#


    In addition to Dave's list, I'll put on a few more specifics. I'd add the fuel pump, especially if it is original. if it turns out to be bad, I'd have a spare for the other side readily...
  6. "Tom: which one of those DU


    which one of those DUI units did you get? I ask as I took a quick look thru the GM systems and didn't see anything about a marine rated item.

    I agree with Dave - too much thermal mass...
  7. "Tom: Based on my experienc


    Based on my experience, the merc cam is the speed pro cam, physically as well as spec-wise.

    If you have access to the tool, a leakdown test would probably be of value as well. Some...
  8. "how many hours on the starboa

    "how many hours on the starboard engine?

    did you get the heads checked when they were off for the gasket replacement? condition of valve train is of interest

    Having compression numbers for...
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