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    Re: Running AQ130

    Re: clunk on shifting.... What is your idle RPM ? Shifts should be smooth and silent.
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    Re: Mercruiser 7,4l wiring issues


    Our sponsor... these are the parts that your engine left the factory with
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    Re: SP-A locks into gear, won't shift

    With drive down overnight, check oil level is correct on dip stick, then drain about 1/2 cup oil out of drive. Color, residue ???
    What kind of oil?
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    Re: Best breed(s) for car/boat trips?

    Adding Golden Retriever to top of the list. Love to travel, great companion dogs and most really love the water.
    My wife and I have had labs, goldens, Cavaliers KCS, Bichons, Minpoodles, and...
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    Re: must transducer be on starboard side?

    Some manufacturers offer an extension cable for transducers with connectors.
  6. Re: Milky oil SHOOTING out of valve covers!!!

    FWIW... about buying older boats... Been doing it all my life and what I've learned..

    1) Don't buy "no name" or "clone" boats, regardless of price ( unless you want a "practice your skills"...
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    Re: Mercruiser 7,4l wiring issues

    Thunderbolt cap and rotor

  8. Re: Bimini top, what type is this called?

    A bimini top is one that does NOT attach to the windshield. Typically the leading edge of a bimini is 1 to 3 ( or more) feet above the top of the windshield.
    Per Bondo, the ones that attach to the...
  9. Re: 260 1974 mercruiser motor cranking slowly

    I don't see where you bought a new battery. While you may be able to get a battery that has been idle for 4 years to take a charge, it will never perform well.

    FWIW.... I only ever buy used older...
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    Re: New here AQ130 manifold question.

    Tach issue....
  11. Re: 2003 mercruiser mag 350 with bravoII -

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    Re: Cant get WOT above 3400

    Re: "....had 19 pitch props on it, but it seemed worse getting up on plane."

    and now you have 17 pitch.... You may still be over propped!

    It is CID displacement that turns the props and IMHO...
  13. Re: My 1994 5.0 fl has a hard time starting and keeps turning off for about 20 minutes after start

    Sounds like the choke isn't doing its job on that engine. Loose spark plugs!!!! UGGGGH check everything on that engine... starting with the compression on that engine.
  14. Re: Bayliner 3.0 runs great WOT but won’t idle long

    .... and some times, with brass floats, they "sink" and never shut off fuel flow from the fuelpump under low demand times...
    Heed Ricardo's caveat. Engine life @ WOT RPM drops to the low hundreds...
  15. Re: Never seen an AQ280 lower unit like this... is this a 290 lower or something?

    Actually, this current Lancer is my second one. My first I reengined with a MOPAR 318 @ 240 HP and used those Salisbury mufflers. Great setup. I reversed the elbows so the faced forward and then...
  16. Re: Never seen an AQ280 lower unit like this... is this a 290 lower or something?

    According to my measurements, it's not the exhaust flaps that restrict exhaust flow but rather the small holes through the transom at the "Y" pipe. The Mercruiser install manual specifies that for...
  17. Re: 470 smokes alternator belt and kills engine

    Re: "..so it would charge both batteries when switched to "all" which from what understand it quite common to doe:"..."

    Yes, it is quite common. I work in a big box marine store summers, and I...
  18. Re: 96 4.3 GL cutting out and backfiring past half throttle - fine if under half

    Did you check the battery ground connection at the engine block?
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    Re: 8.1 MPI oil pressure switch/sender

    ... and given the gauge technology, not likely the gauge any better accuracy, therefore, sender plus gauge accuracy can be anywhere up to 20% off, or @ 40 psi, +/- 8 psi. Then you have to add in...
  20. Re: 470 smokes alternator belt and kills engine

    Other than briefly with a discharged battery, the alternator should not be putting out that much current running just the engine. SOMETHING is drawing way too much current. I'd start by switching...
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