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  1. Re: Mercruiser over prop overheat?

    I would look at the water neck on the transom assembly. They corrode and restrict water flow causing a high speed over heat. 19 pitch is not too big for a 5.0MPI B3
  2. Re: Honda BF 130 - Have been Debugging Issue for weeks and need some help

    Simple test for condemning your BF130.... How much of the head gasket is showing (pushed out) on the port side of the engine?
  3. Re: Off the Hook Yacht Services - Now Hiring!

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    Re: Weird!

    Maybe the crappy BR6FS/MR43T spark plugs need to be changed..... They have a short life.
  5. Re: Distributor gear worn in strange manner?

    Or does the shaft have side movement in the dist housing? The movement will only be in one spot.
  6. Re: Any OX66 gurus around? Got an idle issue

    Clean the O2 sensor and port.
  7. Re: 2009 Mercer 150hp vs 08 Yamaha 115

    IMHO the F115 Yamaha is not the best product they have produced. The 150 Mercury is a great engine.
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    Re: 3.0 MPI loss of power

    Is the boat trailered?
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    Re: Etec emm?

    Sometimes S*** happens.

    No worries. Bombardier signed a contract with Mercury to power their boat lines.......
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    Re: Etec emm?

    No. I am saying you are better off with a Suzuki than a ETEC. They are both bad choices.....

    I would repower with a Merc 4 stroke.
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    Re: Flapper valve

    Uncalled for.
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    Re: Etec emm?

    Sorry for this in advance. Take the ETEC off and get something else..... You would be better off with a Suzuki OB than an ETEC. The company literally closed its doors this year. Parts will become NLA...
  13. Re: 2003 Mercury optimax 250 won't start

    Both pressures will drop after shut down or when cranking is stopped.

    Look at your gauge again, a non liquid filled gauge will bounce between 80 and 100 psi on a 90psi system not 90 and 100. Pull...
  14. Re: 2003 Mercury optimax 250 won't start

    Questions.... When you hooked the fuel pressure gauge to the rail (assuming you have a non liquid filled mechanical gauge) did the needle jump back and forth rapidly between 80 & 100 PSI or was it...
  15. Re: 2003 Mercury optimax 250 won't start

    Sounds like you need to pull the injectors, all 12 and have them professionally serviced. With out a scan tool it is hard to test the injectors. My money is on a stuck or dirty direct injectors....
  16. Re: 2003 Mercury optimax 250 won't start

    Will it start if you advance the throttle while cranking?
  17. Re: Motor makes a loud grinding noise.

    Sounds like you are missing a tooth or two off the ring gear.
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    Re: Bravo 3 shift detent

  19. Re: Pertronix Ignitor lll system upgrade from std. Points/Condenser distributor

    And put the points dist back.
  20. Re: 1997 Mercury 115hp 2+2 how smooth should transition be?

    The Link and sync on a 2+2 has to be done with the boat floating in the water.....
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