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  1. Re: eBay junk impeller - blown water pump 2012 BF115

    Although I am in favor of using all oem parts and oils, your damage was caused by running the engine with no water to the pump. This will happen to any impeller, oem or aftermarket..... if there is...
  2. Re: Complete impeller and bellow kit for my Mercruiser 1.7 alpha one gen two

    Do not use these crappy aftermarket parts on your drive.
  3. Re: Chevy 5.7 Stuck inlet valve.

    Build up on the valve stem is from oil coming through the valve guide. The Valves do two jobs. Air movement and heat disbursement. Now if both engines were rebuilt by the same person and they left...
  4. Re: question about my power trim

    When the Tilt(center ram) is powered down the weight of the engine along with the center ram collapse the shorter trim rams.

    There is probably nothing wrong with your trim unit mechanically.
  5. Re: mercruiser vessel view install

    Ok.... The Cummins engine transmits J1939 codes that the vessel view can interpret into actual info you can read on your screen.

    Assuming you have an older Vessel View 4 or 5 you will need just...
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    Re: 383 Inboard(V-Drive)build

    If he followed that good advice and did some research, he would be. An L29 turd will out pull and out last any SBC in a boat.
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    Re: 383 Inboard(V-Drive)build

    This whole thread should have ended with this post. You received the best advice in this simple suggestion. You can talk yourself into anything if pushed a little.
  8. Re: No feul to bottom carb on 08 Yamaha 2 stroke

    I think he is telling you to remove the carb, take it apart and clean it.

    You cannot just add a magic chemical to your fuel to accomplish this.

    If you do not want to pull your carb and...
  9. Re: What drive did this have or i should put on?

    Put back the drive that fits the X dimension the manufacturer cut.
  10. Re: 225 pro xs tilt trim removal

    Tip the engine up, put the 2x4 along side the lower between the prop and the vent plate, wrap the strap around and crank it tight. Take the bolts out, loosen the nut on the tilt tube and pull out...
  11. Re: 225 pro xs tilt trim removal

    A 2x4 and a ratchet strap attached to the lower unit while the engine is on the tilt lock is how I do it.
  12. Re: What drive did this have or i should put on?

    By the looks of the bilge with all the mud, Make sure the engines run.
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    Re: Carby flooding

    Where did you get the rebuild kit from? Aftermarket Kits contain substandard needle/seat/float valves that leak.
  14. Re: 1999 150 optimax swap with 2001 powerhead?

    Considering that the exhaust adapter plates are different part numbers....BUT! The gaskets are the same part number....It may fit.
  15. Re: How to replace a Mercruiser through transom mount oil fitting for my out drive

    I change these fitting all the time. I never pull anything off unless the transom is built over the back of the engine like a SeaFox, a long Pick tool with a hook gets the clip off... A wooden dowel...
  16. Re: No fuel to cylinders, 1997 200efi

    Just had to send out this exact ecm for an internal repair for the grounding circuit on the fuel pump.
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    Re: 2001 115 hp Johnson o/b

    If the prop was slipping(cavitation) you would be seeing more than 5000rpm.
  18. Re: Smartcraft gauges and Fuel Sender

    I would use a Wema fuel sender. They seem to work the best. The only time I had an issue with smartcraft not reading correctly after installing a Wema/Reed style sender was a bad harness at the...
  19. Re: Smartcraft gauges and Fuel Sender

    OK..... The fuel gauge wires go from the sender to the (usually) 8 pin harness plug on the engine. The plug contains a few sets of wires for different senders... There is also a ground...
  20. Re: Honda BF30D cilinder 3 does not work

    The carbs are the issue. Almost impossible to clean. Cheap to replace.
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