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    Re: Tahiti Jet Boat

    Ayuh,.... Boats like yer's are a regional thing,...

    Super popular at that time, in southern Cal. 'round the Colorado river,...

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    Re: 1979 OMC 260/800 - No shift engine off.

    Ayuh,.... Not enough demand,... OMC is Gone,... Stringer drives were antique technology by '86,....

    In other words,... You bought

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    Eric Hoare

    Re: Coils

    I am one of those chrack pot people you are talking about but just answer his question.
    When a coil is wound the copper wires are separated buy

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    Eric Hoare

    Re: First time boat project

    Hi Regi, you ask several questions but first welcome to the dreaded boat owners headaches. An aluminum hull can be left unpainted but first check the

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    Re: 1984 Mercury 115 in-line six

    Does spark jump a gap of 3/8" or more, yes or no?----You will need a new impeller if you get it running.----Yes they are a nice smooth running motor

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