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    Re: Milky oil diagnosis

    Yes the part that the power head sits on and where the oil pan rests below. I would post a screenshot but it doesn't work when uploading from my phone.

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    Re: water intrusion

    thank you Richardo for the reply,

    I have drained oil and I did change the eccentric piston seal years ago, I will certainly check it when

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    Re: 2002 90 TLRA (2 stroke) Hole Corroded in Block

    Sometimes the castings are imperfect and have thin spots. Do you have a photo of the affected area? I have welded blocks and lower units on freeze cracks.

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    Re: 50 hp force power pack

    See posts 14, 16, 22, 23, 25. Some of this makes no sense! Careful with that power! Sometimes "swapping" can dig you in deeper! I learned that

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    2017 BF250 vs current model

    Hi, currently shopping repowers, came a cross a great deal on a pair of new old stock 2017 bf250s. I know the cowlings were redone in 18, was anything

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