• Lyman Grace Ann and a 1961 40HP Evinrude Lark

    One of our customers, Brian Hackett of Baldwin New York, has shared the story and photos of his Lyman Grace Ann and it's 1961 40HP Evinrude Lark.

    Thanks Brian! It's a great looking boat and motor!

    From Brian Hackett:

    Here's some info on the Lyman and engine. To me, it's not work keeping the boat nice. It's more of a passionate hobby and a labor of love.

    In the Spring, most of the wood and bright work gets sanded and touched up with red mahogany sealer stain. I prefer the red over the brown because I think it has a richer, classier look. I also use Interlux Schooner #96 varnish. This particular varnish has a honey hue to it instead of an amber hue (like a tail light on a car) which most other varnishes have. This old school method compliments the red mahogany stain. 10 coats is about where you want to be, but some guys do even more.

    The engine is a 1961 Evinrude Lark III 40 HP. It runs like a champ and is all original, except for the cowl. Somewhere along the way, someone switched engine covers on the engine and put a 1964 Johnson Super Sea Horse cowl on it. I use that cover for a rain cover. Anyway, the cowl is from a 1962 Lark IV 40 hp. In 1955, the biggest engine was a 35 hp. In 1960, the 40 hp was introduced, and just about everyone opted for the bigger motor for the extra Umph. I tried for about a year to find a 1961 cowl with no luck. A friend of mine from the AOMCI sent me a 1962 cowl which I completely restored. I have about 30 hours of time into the cover alone. 4 different colors. Black, White, Gun Metal Gray, and Red. All the paint is Duplicolor, and the original colors.

    The boat has spent 99% of its life in the fresh water lakes of the Adirondacks, mostly on Lake Placid. It was put in storage for about 5 years, until I had it shipped down to Long Island, where it cruises around Jones Inlet, Freeport Bay, Zacks Bay, and all the canals on the South Shore of Long Island. The Lyman handles like a dream, and slices through the chop like no other boat. It handles really well in the swells for a little 15 ft. runabout. When it's calm, it really moves along pretty good too. It's a lot of fun, and a real head turner. All good stuff.

    It takes about an hour to launch this boat because everyone comes over to check it out, take pictures, and ask questions about the history of the boat and engine. Some people even wait around just to hear the Lark fire up. One time I was cruising out into Jones Inlet, and I saw a guy standing on his dock. All of a sudden he disappeared. He ran into his house and got a video camera, to take pictures of us going by. I slowed down and made a big circle right in front of his dock. He smiled and waved, and I smiled and waved back! It's just the nature of the boat, because there's not too many around,especially in Salt Water!

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    1. Fatdaddy & Big Mamma's Avatar
      Fatdaddy & Big Mamma -
      WOW Brian it's a remarkable boat! Truly a project that was not only taken to heart but from your very being! And i can very easy understand the luring powers of the boat! If I would be there I would want to touch it, hug it, and just drool all over it. And yet would be to scared, and wouldn't get 10' from it, as i'm cursed and have learned to live with it as my middle name should have been "Murph's Law" and wouldn't want any of it rubbing off. Brian if I ever come across a MARK III cover I'll let you know we have a few boats down here and every-now-and-them I run across them!
    1. Surfblue's Avatar
      Surfblue -
      absolutely beautiful !!!
    1. MikeOl's Avatar
      MikeOl -
      Wow Bryan you have a great boat. It looks wonderful!
      I have been dreaming for a long time about the actual boat. Here is one. I really like her and I always think only of her. But there are doubts about the manufacturer's company. Should I buy it or see something else?
    1. KeukaLaker's Avatar
      KeukaLaker -
      She's a lovely runabout. The only thing better than a restored woodie are the people willing to do the restoration and love of maintenance. Thanks for sharing Brian
    1. boatiebur's Avatar
      boatiebur -
      Great example of a restoration that is very meticulous in its attention to detail. I'm glad its being used and not just on display.