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    Re: 4 year old pre-mixed gas OK to run in Mercury?

    This is the winning answer. 3gal of gas is what, $8.00? You want to risk your $50 mower, your >$1000 outboard, or just throw it out & play it

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    Re: Prop shaft

    Hey, it occurred to me after posting my last reply that you may not need to disassemble the lower unit to do what you want. Have you tried just pressure

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    Re: Prop shaft

    Check out this video by Dangar Marine. This guy is awesome & very helpful.

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    Re: 15 HP Evinrude No Water Flow

    These are all great suggestions. My first thought, as far as narrowing down the problem (lower vs. upper) was to simply attach a hose to the "tube"

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    Prop shaft

    Hello new here.Could someone tell me how to take out the prop shaft on a 7.5 Mercury outboard motor?I need to check the seals.Thank you

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