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    Re: Starving merc

    The vac one you leave open as that controls air to carb idle circuit.

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    Bf 50 new prop

    I was having WOT problems so i ordered a new prop. Had a 10.5 by 12 Stilleti, went to a 12 by 8 honda prop. This required a new spacer after the prop.

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    Re: Electrolyses

    Hi, Often wondered about this, have heard of it done before but have no feed back from boat owners.
    Would be interested in knowing how the repair

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    Re: Running rough, stall on throttle back to neutral, won’t go over 3000 Rpm.

    This sounds like a misfire issue. While it's idling, unplug the igniters one at a time and if they affect the running they are okay, if not there is a

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    Re: DT15

    These CDI's do not fail very often they are pretty much bullet proof. Start off simple and make sure both spark plug work, check all connections and then

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