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    2001 Johnson timing / idle

    Hey guys, which way would the little do dad need to move to adjust the idle upwards on a 2001 OIS ignition set up?

    My tab is maxed to the

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    Re: No rpm's

    Also at mid throttle it seem to have a small miss in the water. I have checked the spark it jumps a half inch gap no problem. I have also synced everything.

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    No rpm's

    OK all, I've been reading all of these threads and I cant seem to figure out my motor... Its a 1990 90hp crossflow Johnson. It starts, idles revs on muffs

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    Re: 1977 115HP not engaging into gear

    The motor is shifted with oil pressure assisting to make it smooth and effortless.----------With no oil pressure it will still shift.

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    Re: Well, I pulled the trigger....

    Congrats on the new engines. You think if I slap a steel plate on my 15 footers transom it'll handle 400hp...?

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