• Ice Fishing

    Even when the water gets too hard for boating, it can still be good for fishing. This time of year our North Country lakes and ponds are filled with seasonal fishermen shunning the home fires to get out in the snow and onto the ice for what some call the best fishing of the year.
    While most of us are happy to catch perch and smelt to eat there is nothing quite like the thrill and challenge of landing a 12 to 20 pound pike through an 8 or 10 inch hole in the ice. Some other species of fish you can pursue include, Walleye, Bass, Burbot, Brown Trout, Pickerel and Crappie.

    There are many local ice fishing derbies with some giving away thousands of dollars in prize money along with items such as 4-wheelers, boats and fishing gear. Some of the biggest derbies near to us in Vermont are The Great Benson Derby held in Rutland county area and all of Lake Champlain; Wrights Fishing Derby in the Northeast Kingdom; Bomoseen Fishing Derby at Lake Bomoseen and the Deerfield Fishing Derby at the Whitingham Reservoir, to name but a few.

    We have a few ice fishermen here at MarineEngine.com and when asked for a list of basic equipment you might consider to get started in ice fishing, this is what was mentioned:
    • Warm clothing, especially a hooded a sweatshirt to keep the wind off your neck; Warm hat, gloves, hand warmers; Warm boots that are rated for well below zero and long johns.
    • An auger for drilling your access hole, either gas or hand auger.
    • Tips ups or fishing poles
    • Bait, usually minnows if you are using tip ups and maggots if you are jigging
    • A portable shanty to stay warm on cold days.
    • Small propane heater to stay warm in the shanty
    • Also, don’t forget some food Snacks and water.

    There is certainly a store full of other gear you can buy to make your ice fishing adventure more pleasurable, but to get started these basic items will see you through.

    If you’d like to know more about ice fishing, please check out these links below.

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    Dave Genz - Pioneer Ice Fisherman

    41.5" - 22.5# Northern Pike landed in Vermont
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      bigwiggle -
      love the ice fishing articles... who is the guy holding up the big perch??? LOL
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      andrew -
      Here is an ice fishing shanty from almost exactly 100 years ago!

      Notice the weight (?) of the fish written on the photo.

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