• Winter Checklist

    Winter Checklist

    • Stabilize fuel, then fill fuel tank. A full tank prevents water
      condensation from getting in tank and causing corrosion. Draining fuel
      does not prevent varnish formation in engines as fuel is left behind in the
      fuel system. Run engine for a few minutes to get treated gas throughout system.
    • Replace gear lube. Drain the lower unit of old gear oil and replace with new oil. When changing gear oil check for moisture in the old oil. Water coming out first or milky or lumpy oil is indicative of moisture contamination and might mean that you might need new seals before next season.
    • Replace engine oil for four-stroke engines.
    • Fog engine. While in storage, engine oil drains away leaving internal engine components exposed resulting in corrosion and metal to metal contact at start-up next spring. Fogging oil coats internal parts to prevent corrosion.
    • Change filters.
    • Renew anodes.
    • Grease and lube. Locate any grease fittings on your steering system, tilt trim unit, etc.
    • Replace spark plugs
    • Inspect and repack trailer wheel bearings.
    • Clean and dry.
    • Cover the boat.

    Complete winterizing procedures will be found in your engine service manual or owners manual and will of course vary depending on your engine. Our boat repair forum is an excellent source of winterizing information with hundreds of specific questions being answered. Use the search feature on the forum to narrow your search within each category such as outboard motor, gas inboards, Johnson/Evinrude, Mercury, etc... I think you get the idea.

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      rvannorman7 -
      To stablize Diesel fuel use Biobor MD for cold weather storage and use. Prevents fuel gelling, and really extends the diesel fuel filter life drastically. Use their "EB" for gasoline, does it all.