• Outboard powered bicycle?

    Wouldn't it be great to find this gem under the tree? Something every motor enthusiast can appreciate! I don't know much about it. We were sent these photos by a customer. The bike is in a museum and is apparently owned by Dave Williams from Norca Ca. The sign on the display says:

    "FOUND IN A BARN! We don't know if this water-cooled Evinrude bike was a factory prototype, or the product of someone's imagination. Serial number indicates it is a 1936. It runs better than it looks."

    I don't think it was a factory prototype, but if anyone knows otherwise please let know and post some additional information.

    The mechanic that put this together was very creative. The stumbling blocks would of course be how to cool it, how to drive the bicycle wheel, and how to mount it to the bike.

    Notice the drive wheel at the top of the front bicycle wheel and the belt drive for the radiator cooling fan.

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    1. Alan Calfer's Avatar
      Alan Calfer -
      This is amazing! Hmm...I wonder if I can build one

      Definintely going on the outboard motors for sale site..
    1. Gallmj's Avatar
      Gallmj -
      If you want to build one of these, a 2HP Honda would be a good choice. They have a centrifugal clutch and are air-cooled.