• We survived Irene, but Joe won't be eating any Steak Bombs for a while...

    Vermont sure made the national news with the flooding and damage from Tropical Storm Irene.

    MarineEngine.com, Brandon, Vermont , USA

    We were amazed at how many calls and emails we got from friends and customers around the world who wanted to check in to see if we were okay after Tropical Storm Irene. Thank you all for your concern! We were lucky, as our building was undamaged and all our employees' homes were okay too. Our offices are located outside Brandon, Vermont on the west side of Green Mountains, near Lake Champlain. Downtown Brandon was hard hit.
    Most of the damage was in the immediate path of the many rivers that flow through the valleys and small towns of the state. Many Vermont towns developed along rivers to take advantage of available water power (and powerful it can be!).

    The Neshobe River runs through Brandon and under the main road, Route 7. The normally quiet river overflowed its banks and ran over the road tearing up pavement, building foundations, and the town park. The most dramatic victim was the little Brandon House of Pizza which was built right over the river and was pushed off its piers and moved twenty feet into the road.

    This brings us to the part about Joe's Cheese Bombs. You see we buy company lunch for all the employees every Friday during the summer. Sales and Customer Service Rep Joe Goetz's favorite was the Cheese Bomb (with extra cheese) from the Brandon House of Pizza. Steak, peppers, mushrooms, onions, salami, & (extra) cheese. And boy is it good (according to Joe). Unfortunately the building was demolished a few days after the flood, but the rumor is that they will be reopening in another building across the street. Word has it that they'll be open soon, so the next time you get Joe on the phone ask him if he's had a Steak Bomb lately!
    (And you thought life in Vermont was quiet........!)

    See the local newspaper article on the flooding in Brandon.

    And see more photos of the flooding on the Brandon Chamber of Commerce site.