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    Re: Pressure relief valve cleaning

    Bill's correct. I have not known the pressure relief valve to cause an issue. Clean your thermosta ports well and you should fix your overheat issue

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    Re: Runs rough at idle

    And it definitely does that when it has been started within a week or so, it's after two weeks or definitely by 3 weeks of sitting that it has this issue.

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    Re: Runs rough at idle

    That engine being less than 100 hours should catch fire in half a spin. Cranking for 15 seconds is a nope.
    I personally dislike starting fluid except

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    Re: Honda 225 cowling latch stuck open

    Yes... mine stick all the time even after spraying and lubing them up. Probably just a bit of corrosion. Before you put the cowl on, be sure the front

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    Re: AQ225D water in oil

    Use caution..... many rebuilders use the GM full dished pistons.
    There is a much better choice, and it won't break the boat bank.

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